Monday, September 1, 2014

Spring has sprung ( getting out of limbo mode)

Hello , Welcome .....

I have been wanting to get back here and blog some wonderful exciting news....

But well ,,,,, we are still waiting for conformation ,to see if we are on our way to owning our very own cottage, ( mortgagee sale = searches ontop of searches,Rural zoning means we could have to come up with 30% of deposit so trying to get it classed as rural residential as is has town water and sewer,,,and getting a home loan from a bank = waiting time for more searches) , and I didn't want to jinks our little cottage dream from coming true,,,, But you see its been over a months since we looked at, put in a contract and a deposit down on this ( down v here v ) shabby old cottage.....
Potential Potential Potential in my eyes.

and I am excited and anxious and wanted to make sure it was ours before i shared the news,,, I have been dreaming of our very own cottage , renting has its limits when you love to renovate and decorate as much as I do.... we have done up a house on the gold coast and also designed and built a little cottage for our eldest daughter when she was having a little family of her own.... plus we totally revamped our 40 foot motor home.. so I have been having a few withdrawals from renovating and making this shabbiest of old cottages into a home would give us some life back into our everyday...
Yep sure I have made Avondale cottage our home and we have painted a few walls and planted a garden, but its not the same,, its not OURS.... anyways we hope to know for sure if this ^^^^ cottage will be our very own...hopefully this week.... I am sure to scream it with joy from the roof tops for all to hear my utmost joy if all turns out and she is :). If not , well I am ready to except that it's the universe telling us all was not well and it was not for us x ..I just want to know..

 On with news that is in the here and now :)..

 I have been feeling in a state of ,,, lets call it limbo,, waiting for the sale to go through, waiting on the weather to be warmer, waiting on my days of going down to the gold coast and looking after my wonderful grand babies for 10 days to be done, waiting , waiting... really I think its just been an excuse I've used because I've been lazy, a little depressed maybe... I am not sure but I needed to get out of the slum feeling I had been in,, I needed to get off my butt, feel grateful for the wonderful opportunities my every day brings and just bloom where I am planted in the here and now!!! So I have made myself get up and out and about and with that comes the start of a few little make over projects...
I had been on the search for bentwood chairs as I love the old world cottage look of them,, being on a tight budget ( saving for a home and all) I had not yet found any within my budget....
But with a little on a whim call into the local op shop I came across these not sure of what make but totally adorable chairs,,,,I promptly swung these up and over my shoulders when I seen them and the wonderful price tag attached.
Yes Yes yes that is $5 for the Pair ;)....

A good scrub has the not so good for sitting on one ending up in the bathroom for now :) ,, with the new spring bringing in the sunshine my mini carnation is happily sitting here too...
A $3 op shop find basket holds cushions from the lounge that the mister Man has taught Pippin to push off ( He thinks cushions are a waist of bum seat space.... I love cushions, I do seem to have a collection ... so a constant joke in our cottage.... I find them in all sorts of strange places!!) I do like them plopped in here though so all is well ;)..
It amazing what a few budget friendly op shop finds will do for the spirit :),,,,

Another thing I have been trying to do is eat,, and not only eat but eat well,, (yep in my recent limbo days I often forgot to eat,, or was that just to lazy to! didn't help the energy levels at all!!)

I do love food!! and I loved turning a simple meal into something a little special...I had lived by this saying "bread and water can so easily be turned into tea and toast" ... So today, I got myself up and set up a little lunch out on the veranda, it was lovely and didn't take much time at all to pop together..... we enjoyed simple food , sunshine and a chat.....
Well my lovelies,, some more offerings have come in from the garden so ill be off to get a wonderful nourishing meal on the table tonight :)
Thanks for popping in , and thank you for being here for me to share my days doings :) ,, it makes me more willing to get off my lazy bottom and bloom where I am planted , and share my blooming good life and finds and creations with ya'll oxoxoxox

Until next adventure
Take care

Thursday, August 14, 2014

So....... where there is fire there is smoke!

Hello ,, Im down on the Gold Coast looking after my awesome grandkids while our big kids do the Brisbane ekka show,,,,

I have been wanting to share this little post for a while so here it is.... I'm pressing Publish as I scrub baby food of my and Mana's face ,, and getting the girls ready for the morning school run :)

Ok here we go , ;),,,,,I had a little mis hap the other week, Did you know that sometimes with a fire place there can be a back draft ? I didn't ,,
Did you know even if the door is closed the smoke can come out?,, I didn't ,,

Anyways I found out this can and will and did happen!!
one lovely chilly sunday afternoon , after a trip to the local markets for fruit and veg and an axe to chop fire wood...
we pulled on our boots and had a lovely walk around the paddock collecting sticks for kindling and logs for chopping..
the dogs even got in on the act bringing us sticks :)

with our wheel barrow full we tramped back up to the cottage to get settled in for the night
whilst hubby was chopping up some of the bigger logs I went in and happily started stacking the kindling in the fire just the way he had showed me to....

I lit the little fire starter popped it under my stack of kindling watched as it took hold and shut the door.....
Now is when the trouble started...... I went out into the breeze way to start boxing up the rest of the logs, turned around and the cottage was full of smoke ... eeekkkkk

Now I don't like fire at the best of times so this was a bit of a panic starter,,, I ran back in to find the fire place was just spewing out smoke, Hubby came bolting in wondering what was going on and I was just standing there wondering that myself???

he took action and opened the door of the fire place and stacked more logs on,, bigger logs to get the fire raging ,,

I ran around opening all windows and doors to get the smoke out...
I was on the brink of tears ( one because I had smothered my beloved cottage in smoke and two because said smoke was choking me to tears mmmm)
Anyways Hubby was not to sensitive to my tears and had a few little choice words for me....
Always one to admit my mistakes and take them on as a learning curve I googled what I could have possibly done wrong!!!!

Ok so it wasn't entirely my fault,, I didn't know that you can get a back draft .. But I do now..... it could happen IF :: it is a windy day and the wind comes down the chimney, to find out if you have a back draft you must first light a bit of paper and if the smoke goes "up" the chimney your safe to go.. Oh and the bigger you get the fire going will help to get the chimney heated to suck up the smoke.. there is also something about if the temperature is the same inside as it is out side then you are more likely to have a back draft....
((Just saying it is safe to say that I will leave the fire starting duties to the expert then!!!!))

Well I'm off to adore my grankids and smother them in kisses OXOXOX

Until next Adventure
Take care

Sunday, August 3, 2014

A little crochet and a rainbow ottoman..

 Hello again....
Coming to you from shabby little avondale cottage on this beautiful sunshiny winters day...

I have had a little mishap,, running out of internet usage and also the battery charger of my new camera zapped and blew with the battery in it , in my hand mind you,,,,,, I will be going back into the place of purchase soon to see about that!!!

ok so after having the awful flue and feeling a bit down I needed some colour in my life

It was a lovely day out in the yard so I grabbed my suit case full of wool and unfinished projects and set to work :) the main one was a lovely coloured cover for this ugly ottoman...

around and around I crocheted , colour change after colour change ,, it was wonderful watching it grow so brightly :)

I sort of tidied my wool case too :)

here she is all finished.
I sit here most nights with my cuppa and crochet on the coffee table and my back rested up against the lounge ...

Thats when this lil man isn't on it.... Yep Pip has claimed it,, he has been known to let me share though so alls good ;)
Anyways you can find the basic rainbow crochet in the round pattern HERE at crochethealingandraymond .
Once I got to the width I needed I just kept crocheting the same amount around each colour and that shapes it down, once I had covered my ottoman I then missed a few stitches around the bottom to make it tighter ( if you know what I mean ;)
 It has been a bit on the chilly side here at the cottage and the manager of the property we are renting found us this wonderful wood fire ,,, it has taken place of the old wood burning stove,, (she was lovely to look at but was no longer in a working order.).... I am loving this little beauty , keeping us very cosy indeed ...

with my hands cold but wanting my fingers free I fell in love with the idea of these wrist warmers I had seen on pinterest . So I had a bit of a search and found a pattern for these ones ,, aren't they adorable .. you can find the free pattern HERE at if you would like to make some :)
 Ooh I also made ,,,who I like to call Spunky Monkey,,, Mine is a little different looking than the pattern I used,, i did use the basic pattern just added a few extra details ,, so you could too ,, again this one is a free pattern and you can find it HERE at

I have had a bit of a rest from crochet this week and am really missing it so I will be back soon with some more fun pattern links ,,,,,, and maybe some really exciting news ;)
I picked this up at the markets this morning and I believe it is a sign ... mmm yes it is a sign,, but I mean a sign that I must do what it says ....
 Well my sweets I am off to water my poor old dried out  frost bitten garden ..

 Until next adventure
Take care

Monday, July 21, 2014

Bed socks and cough drops.....

Hello, Hope you had a wonderful weekend x

Mine was full of bed socks and cough drops and lazy days of rest,, and crochet,, so it wasn't all bad ;)
I while ago I had my first attempt at crocheting socks, not the best attempt, my stitch count was all over the place, but I had fun learning and they are still wearable haha and warm.

I used a pattern I found on YouTube Here at Glama's if you would like to try :)

I made mine shorter and added a little edging...
I think I will be having another go at them for next winter . I am a slow learner of crochet so my project list had been very limited,, granny square blankets to be precise lol :)... but lately I have been a crazy crochet addict and getting a little more confident along the way,,  I have found some great tutorials and patterns on this here interweby so I'll be sharing as I find and complete a project...

I am feeling Much better on this beautiful monday, so I have made the bed and put the cough drops out of reach for now :) its amazing what a good rest and relax can do for you ...

while I'm on about crochet I had a go at these house slippers too,, again my stitch count is all wrong but they fit and kept the bottom of my feet warm as I have been shuffling around the cottage ;)
 You can find the pattern for them HERE at knotyournanascrochet ,,once again I changed it a little ( or didn't finish it all :) .. I opted for a colour granny square and not the extra heart on top :)...

I have since been out to spotlight and got myself some sweet little stitch markers so I'm all set to keep hooking in the round till my hearts content ....

I am that addicted to crochet that I have a special car blanket going :) its for my new lil car and I only do it in the car ( haha ,,, only when Jim's driving though,,,on the account that he says I do not have a passenger or back seat drivers licence so could I kindly not tell him how to drive lol) Lucky I don't get car sick and can get a lot of crochet done in the car
Yesterday the sun was shining so I moved my bedroom antics out onto the lawn, sorted my suit case full of the wool stash kind, found lots of unfinished crochet projects in there too,,, Ooh and finished off one of them,, a big round granny cover for my ugly ottoman :) tell ya about that later ....
Catch ya on the other side of the rainbow Lovelies
Until next adventure
Take care

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A bit about Chicken soup and chunky crochet blankies ( I learnt to crochet Vstitch *yay*)

 Howdy ,,
Its been a drizzly kind of day here at the cottage, bits of patchy cloud, splashes of rain here and there,,,, But I did capture this beautiful rainbow this morning brightening it all up.....

The flue bug has attached itself to me of late and I just can't seem to shake it.
 Time to get with it and practice what I preach ;) "Get some good o'l Home made chicken and vegetable soup into you".
 as a child I remember going with my mother to help her cook and distribute Meals on Wheels, I loved visiting with the older people and seeing their smiles as we set about dishing up their meals or popping it in the fridge for later, then just staying a spell for a cuppa and chat... I remember a few Dear oldies , it was so exciting as a child listening to the stories being told over and over again and seeing beautiful smiles cross softened faces as memories come flooding back,, to watch twinkling eyes light up when we came to the door.
Sweet memories,,,,

Where was I???

Oh yes,,, chicken soup,,  their chicken and veg soup was delicious and I was allowed a bowl for helping, But not to big a bowl ( Mum used to say) as its for the old people to make them feel better ! .. But thats ok cause mum used to cook it for me to and it was just as delish xx
Anyways many years down the track when I started my own family and one of us was feeling poorly I rang and asked mum how to cook the meals on wheels chicken soup, she simply said :

Cover with water and boil up some chicken pieces with an onion, wash and soak some dry soup mix you know the sort with the split peas, barley and lentils , peel and chop up some good fresh veg, make sure you add diced turnip, parsnip and celery for the real flavours. once chicken is cooked remove chicken pieces from pot and strip meat from bone, throw meat back into pot with the veg and drained dry soup mix and boil for a bit,  then simmer until veg is tender.
(Yep thats pretty much how I wrote it down as mum told me over the phone ;)
 and thats it,, The bestest ever tasting ( I think so anyways) Simple , fresh home made chicken and veg soup.

Now as I sat Bowl full of chicken soup, reading through my favourite blogs I came across a post from a lovely blogger ( I also follow her on instagram and Facebook lol) anyways she has been making these most wonderful crochet baby blankets from a crochet stitch called Vstitch..
Well I had this ever so chunky wool I had no idea what I was going to do with until... well Thats it!!! so I stitched up this mega chunky blanket in a weekend ,,oh yes I did :)
(This is with a chunky wool and a size 7 hook)
I will share ;) So here is the ins and outs > you can find My dear friend Heather here at thepatchworkheartuk Her crochet is just beautiful,,,,,and as Heather said on her blog if you google Vstich crochet there are plenty of tutorials on how its done...
 If you can crochet *Yay Happy hooking* and if you haven't learnt yet ,, well what are you waiting for ;) this Vstitch is very easy , even if you only know the basics of crochet,, and it stitches up lovely and quick.... But be warned "It is addictive,, very very addictive"..

                       Here is a little Sneak Peek at the Vstitch knee rug I started yesterday, think I'll call her Vintage girl ;) . (This is with an 8ply acrylic wool and a size 3.5 hook)
Until next adventure
Take care

Monday, July 14, 2014

Coffee is not good for an old lap top computer

I sit here tapping away on this little beauty , she is a Apple macbook pro I've named Stitch ( on the account that I bought it second hand and it has a character "stitch" sticker from Lilo and stitch on it)
My poor old PC has seen better days ( a few to many coffee's on its keyboard ) and given up...
So I am very slowly learning this computer, I have been trying to get this blog post sorted all weekend lol... but I am up and running again yay... I will not be drinking my cuppas near this one thats for sure

School holidays is over and my baby girls have gone home, we had so much fun tea partying and crafting and just hanging out chilling and chatting,, Ooh and Uncle Brandon set up this tyre swing for us to play on...
The mornings have been a little chilly but the days have been crisp blue sky and wonderful warming winter sun, I have been playing around in my new photo editing apps ( woot woo , I can down load onto my computer from apple, who'd of thunk?? or am I just that slow with technical stuff??)....
Anyways I am having fun learning something new every day....
As you can see there has been a lot of snuggly coat and boot wearing along with big bowls of home made chicken soup ;)
Sitting here was a happy little weekend past time of mine, just listening to the sounds of the country side and watching the leaves flutter down , soaking in the winter sun with steaming cup of coffee and a bit of crochet on the side...

More sitting ,, Oh yes, there is always more sitting,, inside the cottage has been like a freezer so I have been sitting in front of this baby warming my toes and just getting caught up in the wonderful warming amber flicker of its flame effect ,, one day we might have a real wood burning or gas heater but for now this one is keeping me happy :)
there has been more playing back in instagram from my iPhone, I took this one for the photo challenge a day word "interior",,, The way into the only toot in the cottage is through our bedroom, this little room I have named the waiting room ;)
Well my Dears its time I go off my toosh and got some order in this shabby old cottage,, I have some crochet projects to finish off and share with you, I will try and link where I found the inspiration and patterns... So ill be off to learn some more computerish stuff and check back in soon xx

Thanks ever so much for popping in :)

Until next adventure
Take care

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A new friend named Flash

Hello From Avondale cottage where the bee's are busy and all smells of Lavender...
 (mm well that and chicken soup at the moment because as I write there is lovely big fresh home made pot of it bubbling away on the stove)

 I have some exciting news, see that cool in focus out focus lovely photo above,, well that is made wonderfully cool because I have a new awesome friend ,, I've named her Flash and she is a Canon 700D

I have been happily snapping ( I Just had to get a shot of her to show you so I used my iPhone .. I kinda really like this shot ;))

I have been Lusting and swooning over these cameras for a while but had to save save save and yay the saving paid off ( well,,,that and a wonderful Hubby and his sweet talking for deals to the sales guy ;)

There have been lots of accidental shots ,, some I find interesting enough to keep lol                                 

some I have tried hard to capture something flying somewhere ?? but instead ended up with a half cottage and a wonderful moon .... sometimes I think my best shots are random pot shots....

Here I was sitting on the lounge last night taking night shots and flicking through functions, the colours are coming out so clear. I knew I wanted needed this camera but wow she makes me excited with the functions on her ..

Pft Tiara giving me the "enough with the flashing " face lol ... Ok Ok I will put it away T ( for now) xxxx

I was up Bright and sparkly this morning to a chilly but beautiful sunrise... I didn't venture far from the cottage back door this time, But the weather man is saying we are getting more frost over night and I would so love to capture that :) I will be pulling on my boots in the morning to run around silly and click click click...

Still this morning was spectacular

It is such a lovely part of the day ,, the icy breeze on my face certainly woke me up and made me feel alive...

I am finding that no matter what I am doing I will pick up the camera to have a play , snap this or try to focus that ...( will that ever wear off?? I cant see it happening any-time soon)

OOH,,, I can get sort of good looking photos of what I'm cooking, you know for this lil blog and pinterest and instagram and well yeah just cause I can haha

I started practising today,,,, I made rock cakes .... ( not practising the cooking , no haha the photo taking ,,, although I prob could do with a bit of cooking practice!)

well Yes,, of course I had my Camera handy .....maybe now I will put more recipes up on here , with awesome blog worthy photos that make everything look so wonderful..... mmmmm maybe I need a bit more practice on the styling side of things ,,but I think I am getting there ;)

Pip photo bombed one of my shots last night ,, this is the end result after taking a photo on my phone, off the screen of my canon camera and then putting it through a few apps and filters lol ... but he is just so darn cute I couldn't help myself but share xxx
Well my lovelies xx I'm off to forever capture that wonderful thing that is life.....
Until next Adventure
Take Care