Monday, March 15, 2010

Candy Rose Creations and Collections "SHOP"

The shop is closed now but here is the story of how-Candy Rose Creations Opened a shop-, We took a 3 month lease to see how we went.We loved it but where ready to move on at the end of the lease.
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I had a Great Team helping me out with the shop, My sister's are my Angels and help me with what ever Dream I want to make come true.This one I think was for all of us & I couldnt be more gratefull for thier belief in my vision for the shop.

My Grandaughter's helped out whenever they come to visit, & I had a lot of other family members helping aswell.

We at Candy Rose Creations and collections sell mostly hand made homewears but if we find some lovely collections we offer those for sale aswell.

It was getting to the point we realy did need to buy pretty stuff in , as my and my sister's sewing machines where click clacking to the point of exhaustion, and we had a great customer base, people where telling people and befor we knew it we where flat out keeping up with the stock.

My husband makes the timber furniture and small timber homewears and also helps shabby up some of the reclaimed furniture.

The counter and display shelf started out as a dark brown bar set, the bar even had a bar fridge in it, we got this from Ebay for a tiny $ . The boys ( husband and brother inlaw) made it look fresh and chic with a good coat of white paint.

The shop was a place for my sister's and I to just hang out, at first we didnt realize how busy we would get.In the 3 & a bit months that our shop was open we had a lovely group of people that would call in not only a to see what new creations or collections we had come up with, But for a chat.

It was a dream come true, I loved every minute of it.

Opening the shop was a little thing we did because we where staying in one place for a while.

It was great to have the luxury of just closing the door and its all set up for the next trading day

For now we are doing the markets(and I am sure I will write about that in here to) I Love creating anything sweet and girly & as I do live on a motorhome I havnt got the room to keep it all & as much as my family love my handmade gifts they to only have room for so much. So I will still be Creating & selling at the markets. Its not only the selling my wears I like but also meeting new people & visiting different small towns.

A Treasured Memory I will never forget.
My Sisters The Team at Candy Rose creations & Collections. I Thank You & love You all.

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