Thursday, March 18, 2010

Living in the bus. My cottage on wheels.

Hi to all, I was looking at my little bouse/ house and wanted to share with you some photos of it, I am quite proud of my cozy little cottage on wheels.I have had the pleasure of being able to design the areas, making it as comfortable, functional & versatile as a livable 12m x 2,5 meter space could be.
So I Welcome you to our Bouse, "Wanago" You can click on photos to enlarge :)
This is the main entrance,(the dashboard & steering wheel had to stay:(

Comimg into the lounge room we have the entertainment cabinet, this houses the flat screen tv, cd player, lots of my fav photos,books,junk baskets and of course the Xbox game lol

directly opposite the entertainment cabinet is the lounge,It has storage under & above.

This is where I like to sit and read a book/magazine and enjoy a cuppa.(although I do have many spots I like to do that)

On with the tour, here is our little kitchen, The fridge is 3 way = it works on electricity, gas or battery power. The oven/stove is gas,we have a full size sink with the water being pumped in from a 1000lt fresh water tank under the bus, the grey water (sink and bath/shower water) go into a different holding (grey water)tank with a 330lt capacity.

We have ample storage and a good size pantry, the rangehood slides out with a light on it aswell.I use the electric jug when plugged into electricity and the kettle on the gas when no power available.

Opposite the kitchen we have the dining table (this folds down to make a single bed)
It can seat 4 and has 2 seat belts fitted each side for traveling passengers.Another place I like to sit and read with a nice cuppa.

Down the bouse a bit and we have the toilet room,We have a marine toot, this flushes into yet another holding tank called the black water tank, (this is jims job to empty but is not to bad of a job as it has a hose/tube thingy and a pump and goes into a dump point allocated all over oz for us travelers)lol to much information!

Across from the toot we have the shower with sunken bath, its compact but comfortable to shower in.We have constantina/sliding doors on the toot room , bathroom and one across the hall to these rooms and the bedroom, so have good privacy.

The end of the bouse. The bed room.
Turning around looking from the bed I have a laundry basket,shabby hooks & some treasures I could not part with that just seemed to fit right in this spot lol.

On the other side of the "room" I have a desk that folds up neatly into the wall behinde the linen cupboard. I use this desk daily, it has many rolls to play!

It is my office come chat/blog spot.

My sewing/craft table.

My Machine embroidery table.

And also a great spot for the girls when they come to visit(our Grandaughters)to colour in and do crafts.

And back around to the bed, this is my holiday cottage look ;)

Now to outside, this is my little herb garden.

and these are my roses, jim won them for me at a market we done at a little country town=Aberdeen nsw

And this is my little bouse garden.. Well the roses are in hybernation now but they looked great when this pic was taken so I just had to show it.

So there you have it,,my every day Holiday ,Holiday cottage on wheels.
It is my pride and joy at the moment and will be untill I get a real live stuck in the ground cottage, but untill then I will bloom where I am planted and enjoy every moment of Life on the bouse!
Until next time take care
oxo Kris.

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