Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Trip to check out a cottage at Warren NSW.

Hi All
Well this story starts with me wanting to have a base to park our bus when not traveling. A little slice of property we could call our own. I found this cheap as chips little "cottage" in a town called Warren (about a 6 hour drive from Newcastle NSW), Sounded perfect. Warren is outback nsw But on the plus side had a river running through it(fishing for jim)there is a small hospital and has IGA food shop,banks & other small shops and for bigger shopping it's only an hour and a half from Dubbo.
OK so with that in mind we set off for our drive to check out the "cottage"

She was stated in the add as a fixer upper, but the photo's didn't look to bad.

the yard itself looked big enough to park the bus on when we are staying put for a bit.

Well we arrived and at first sight we knew she was a little to far gone for what we needed, & even though Warren was a lovely little town it just didn't have much to offer us in the way of fishing and living still for a bit.

It was a cute "little" miners cottage & could be done up so sweet. But was to far gone for us to tackle and would have cost a lot more than we are willing to put into it for the area.

You can click on the photo's to enlarge.

It still looks heaps bigger in the photo than it is.

This is the bathroom window

Out side the Kitchen.The whole cottage is on a lean.

Inside the kitchen.Most of the walls are coming away from each other.

Lounge room. (this room was 2mt by 3mt)and you could see through the walls.

I would say this would have been a bedroom.Again it was about 2mt by 3mt in size.
So yes it was a sweet cottage and would have been big enough for the 2 of us plus visitors. But it just didn't do it for us.
So onto the next adventure, we have many little parts of Australia to find our base/home, and we can have so much fun looking for it.
Until next time Take care.

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