Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Katoomba NSW "weekend away for Pams 50th"

This is just a short post to show a few photo's. I have heaps of pics I want to share but need to have a little more time to get them all on the computer and sorted.(So more updates coming soon yay) For those that have just found my blog this is about the weekend my 4 sisters and I went to Katoomba for the weekend to celebrate our sister Pam's 50th Birthday.

Wentworth Falls The waterfall was lovely, this photo was taken from one of the many lookouts.
Us girls .."lookout" Wentworth falls. it was very chilly with temps of only 8 and going down to -3 over night.

This is the "old" train that ran from the top of the 3 sisters , Us 2 sisters remember riding on this when children, it is out of service now. The new train has a cage on it and I do not think it goes as fast as we remembered.

This is the track the train runs on down the mountain.

This is me ( sister 5) and sister 4..( yippy we are going down the mountian on the train)

This is sister 2, 1 and 3 ( aarrrhhh we are going down) hold on !

The three sisters ( big story on them next post)

At the 3 sister lookout..Sister 2,3,4 and 5..(1 taking the pic will have the 5 of us in the next one)
This is just a snipit of the weekend I will be back with the big story soon..
Until then , take care
ox Kris


  1. Hi Kris thanx i'm looking forward to more...
    love your sis
    (Number 4)

  2. Hope to get the rest of the photo's and stories (lol as you know we have some doosies:)
    on here soon
    love lots Kris sis number 5

  3. Hi Kris {sis5}
    Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the best 50th birthday gift anyone could ever have, the week end away and my COAT OF MANY COLOURS, my sisters made for me with so much love, was thank you {sisJ1,sisL2,sisC4 & sisK5}
    ALL,, {and Uncles Les Brown.}
    Love from sis number 3

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