Thursday, July 15, 2010

On the road again.

Off we go, Me as Co-pilot of the Big Bouse "Wanago" ( lol not a job Jim gave me, actually he would prefer I didn't help ;)

Jimmy is such a good driver and handles Wanago well.Time for a stop over, Check fuel, water and oil. Check all batteries & bunk down for the night.
We stopped over night at Clybucca, just off the Highway. Had a good night sleep.
Woke up to a chilly morning but a lovely view. Back on the road.

ooh there is the "The Big Banana" Coffs harbour.. silly CMCA sticker got in the way ..but its there! not as big as I remembered as a kid though.

Nearly there..having to go down to a speed limit of 60km on the Byron Bay bypass.

Yay we are there, after a brief stop over to visit Ann & Arthur (our old neighbours ) We caught up with friends Maria and Graham, and where lucky enough to be able to park next to them where they are staying on their motorhome "Wattlebee"

We hooked up power and set up chairs and chatted into the night.

Next day was laundry day for Maria, they have a space at the back of the bus set up as a laundry/work shed. ( we had things to do and People to see ;)

So we went to visit Michelle and Keane and finally got to meet their new arrival Harlow. So sweet a little Princess.

I got to have lovely cuddles with Harlow when she woke up..( & No I didnt wake her!)

Harlow Arwen Reid Renshaw.. Born the 27th May 2010..9lb 9oz..57cm long


Next day we met up with Brandon and his Girlfriend Shayla. We had a perfect day shopping and chatting over lunch. And as you can see by the photo Brandon is smitten over her. We are very happy to welcome Shayla into the family.

We took Brandon and Shayla to visit Lana and Matt and had a great time catching up. we then took Bran and Shayla home as they had plans for tea & we went back and had dinner with Lana and Matt.
Aaliyah and Jayda were on holidays at Nana Naomi's so we didnt get to see them this time:(
But we had a great time catching up with every one.
It was time to leave all to soon, but we will be going back next month for another visit.

I am still not sure about co piloting Wanago the bouse, the traffic all seems to close !

what do you think ?

Thats all for this time, Until next adventure
Take care

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