Thursday, July 29, 2010

Picking up a trailer.

Heading on out on another adventure, this time to just over the Victorian border (11hours 52 mins away) to pick up a trailer to tow behind our motorhome .

Waves all round, passing another wanderer, I love this big red bus ( press on the photo's to make them larger).
Ok this I dont like the look of, the fog rolling in, Well we drove right in to it and it was thick. Time to pull over for the night ( we have been on the road now for a little over 8 hours), we stoped at a truck stop at West Wyalong.
Up Bright and sparkly the next morning to make the 3 hour trip to our destination of Muckatah, ( Just over the border)Victoria.
And we are there. The people ( Trever & Jenny) we bought the trailer off have just bought a 37foot bus converted to a motorhome, So yet another couple we will most probably meet up with again on the road!They have a trailer so didnt need this one anymore, we got it for a great price. The boys re-adjusting the brakes making sure all is good for us to travel.
We had a new co-pilot for a bit lol , this is Trever and Jennies dog Alfie.
We decided Stay at over night as the fog was starting to roll in again, but this photo was taken at 11am the next morning & the temp was just hitting 4 degrees ,so as you can see we needed to stay a little longer for it to lift. wish we had our car with us as it would have been good to go around exploring a little.( so excited about having the trailer now)
This is Tever & Jennies bus called "winging it" and more fog..It was so cold , so most of the photo's are of fog.
We decided to hit the road at 3pm it was clear for a while and we ended up back at West Wyalong truck stop for the night. We got up the next morning to thick thick we could only see about a meter in front of us. At this stage it was about 9.30 in the morning and we wanted to get going.
This is a photo of lights coming towards us, then woosh see the yellow truck on Jims I spent most of the time eyes down doing my crochet (not the usual co-pilot I like to be.I could not see a thing).
Ok Back safe n sound. Now for the fun part, making sure the car fits into the trailer.LOL Just..
Looking good. car in , trailer on bouse. We r set now ;)
18.5meters..Just under the 19 meter limit..
Yep car tows trailer,
So there you have have it, our very Quick trip, short stay "just"inside the Vic/NSW Border.
Until next adventure
Take care
Kris oxox

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  1. Hi Birdie
    That was a quick trip , we are ever so please to see you home safe, Pip and Josh were very happy to see you back too.
    Wish you well for your next trip and waiting to read about your next adventure in "THE BOUSE"
    until then keep safe and be happy,
    love you
    Mammie,Rof & Sheky