Thursday, August 19, 2010

Howdy from the Bouse

Hi all it's Pipin here again ... Hang on I will just make sure they gone out so I can tell you all about my day...

Yep its all clear, ok so this next shot is my view, see most of the day I spend inside my cosy bouse because there is a guy ( dog called Boots) that owns this place n he dont really like me yet!

This is home and I dont mind cause mum n dad take me on adventures.

Oh boy>> Oh boy >>>Ho boy here we go..Well today we went on an adventure on the property we are staying at. We went for a drive in the car right around the chick pea and wheat crops to find a nice spot to hang out for a while with our lovely friends.

Lots of water on the property so we took some fishin rods to see what the flood waters have washed down .

Ooh this looks like a good spot.

Nip n I have a good look around , need to check for snakes and the likes.Dont want our peoples gettin bit .Nope none here/// yep this looks like a great spot, lets settle in guys.

Smoko time and we all sit around for a coffee

Coffee in hand and the peoples pop in the fishin lines and Nip, Tessa n I scout around for stuff.

Checked out the water..dont look to bad.

Oooh gets deep fast and is very slippery. But I am in ,What a bush dog I am now ,,look at me go.

Oh yea yummy squishy slimy mud,,Its a dogs life, Oh yea I am a farmer dog now look at me look at me ..

Ok yep that was good but its time for a rest,, Hay Mum where's me towel..Ahh thats better all nice n dry ..just gotta get this mud out of me feet its yukkk!

Ok back to it ..Oy,,Oy,,Oy there is fish out here,,Dad quick throw it in here!!!!!!
OOh yea who d man ,,who d man..........You call that a fish???? Yep murry cod..
Bring it in we got a fish yay..Look at the smile on dads face,,oh yea, But wait>>> whats that you say????

Bugger ,,Bugger ,,Bugger its under size n we had to throw it back..but Dad was pretty proud of himself! Wasn't to happy about throwin it back in but there might be more?
Where you go.fishy ,,fishy,,fishy,,nope he gone.

I tell ya that mud sticks,,,Time for a rest and clean up so I can get back in the car, What a great day!

I am so missing Josh and I know Mum n Dad are to, he will love it out here and I can show him all the great places that Nip and Tess have shown Me..
We are going back to the Gold Coast to pick Him up and do some training with him so Mum n Dad know his new commands..
OK I think I can hear them coming back so I better get off this computer LOL.
Until next adventure take care
Love to all..Pip OXOXO

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  1. Hi Pip
    Wow it sounds like you are having a wonderful time,say hello to Mum,Dad,Josh & everyone there from us.
    Love yas Mammie & Rof mwa mwa.....