Friday, August 6, 2010

Pip here..I have some news about Josh.

Hi all its Pip..
Mum is having a day off today so I wanted to tell ya a story.

As you know Josh came to us as a little babe.(lol yep a piglet)
So cute so sweet, and little oh yay I have a little Brother. I taught him how to look out for our peoplz Mum K n Dad J. But they spoilt him !!
He grew up to be a big boy..galoompa, wombat and still a piglet.
Anyways he is just a big galoomping baby and as much as I have tried to tell him he just dont get that he is not the boss.
I AM... He is a big softy but when it comes to other dogs he can get a bit wild and crazy.
We have had many chats about this ..but for Joshua piglet wombat it just wasn't sinking in.
I am sorry My peoplz , I really thought I was getting through to him, just sit watch and listen.
J and K told him he was a good boy and most of the time he was! ( just a big dumb galoompa)
Anywayz..we are traveling now and he has already tried to eat 2 other dogs so Mum n Dad said this is it..You are a naughty Boy Josh you need to have some K9 Training.( and he is not the only ones if ya know what i mean ;) Luckily for us One of Dads old mates is one of Qld's leading dog trainers He said Josh is a great dog and he could work wonders on him but he needs to have him all to himself for a while!
Josh wasn't very happy to learn he was going away for a while ( ten days ) but Dad assured josh and Mum ( who was crying cause she is going to miss him,, ha she has me!!!) anywayz Yep that's the news,,Josh is going to doggy boot camp and yes we are going to miss him , but it is for the best, maybe now he will stop trying to be so aggressive towards other dogs..

and don't worry about me cause I get Joshes Bone ;)
Until next adventure

take care

Love Pip OXOX

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