Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We been kite flying.

Today was ekka show day holiday
So We (A & J had no school.)
We went to see the new Tinkerbell movie.

We love Tinkerbell.

The movie was great, & Nanny loved it to. She said she is going to get Tinkerbell stickers and put all over her car because thats the cars name too.

After the movie Poppy and Bran came and we had lunch and hung out for a while. We went to a fish and chip shop and had a big feast and fed the fish and silly sea gulls, it was good fun. Then we went for a drive to Bran's and he got his car and Poppy took him for a driving lesson and Nanny took Me and J to shopping and then we met up with Poppy and Branny and his friend Luke,,Nanny said you all know Luke.

How sweet is Tinkerbell. She says in the movie =All you need is " Faith & Trust and Pixie dust" Nanny said this is going to be her motto ( ??I dont know what motto is =nanny says thats what you should think and believe all the time..and then things will work out for the best)

Faith, Trust & Pixie dust!

Anywayz..on sunday we went and picked brandon up too and we had a great day . We went to the markets and looked around then we went to potsville for lunch by the sea and then we went to play in the park.Brandon found a garden that he called nanny and aunty pams garden ..It had a dragonfly for nanny and a frog for aunty Pam,.
They where so cool.
Brandon went for a ride on the dragonfly ;) it didnt really go anywhere but branny thought he was cool haha.
I just love this shot. I think Branny and Pip are so cute together.
And this one is my other bestest one..not that you can really see me, and branny has his eyes closed its still cool because we are all together. We had a great time at the park.
When we left the park J asked if we could get a kite and poppy said yay haha he likes flying kites..So we found a shop that sells kites and we got one.

Oh"BTW" (Nanny said you can press on the photo to make it bigger if you want to see it better).
Poppy helped J and I get the kite in the air and then we held it for a while ( but mostly it was poppy flying it) we didnt mind we just liked watching it fly.
We found a big oval to fly it on , but then the people wanted to play a game so we had to go,
but we had a great time and we love spending time with Nanny and Poppy and Branny oh and Pip. Well I will get Nanny to take heaps of photo's of stuff we are doing so Nanny can show you all. (by the way I love this book bloggy thing its fun to read and its fun to tell stories in too)

Love you all and hope to see you all soon.

Love A and J and Nanny and Poppy oxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxxoox and Branny and Pip oh lol and Josh oxoxoxoxox


  1. Hi Aaliyah and Jayda,
    and Kris,Jim,Bran & Pip,
    looks like you all had a wonderful time,
    I really love the frog, thank you for putting the pic on here. Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday with Nanny,Poppy and Pip.
    Looking forward to your next story.
    love Aunty Pam.

  2. Hi guys ... all of you...I am glad you wrote all about your day it really cheered me up ... it was almost like I was there with you all ( and I really wish I was )... Can you write some more and nanny might be able to show you how to do it for when they are away... we can keep up with you....Looking forward to your next story ..
    Love to you all
    Aunty Chook... Nay and Moo