Friday, December 10, 2010

Downsizing & doing up a Motorhome "Vintage Style"

Revamping a 1979 Toyota Coaster Motor home.

Baby Bouse.. Bed and Breakfast..Ruby Rosebud..
or Ruby Rosebutt
So here we go inside,,OK that's got to go ( and I scrubbed and scrubbed b4 I made this decision)
Bad plan anyway could not put a fry pan on it as the handle would sit up on the bench ( not good)
not sharing the grill with wasp home..yep its outta here. ( and again I scrubbed)
Fridge.OK could it be salvaged?
NO No no ,,its gotta go out to.(Sad to say but the vinegar and bi-carb just didn't cut it here). time for a more scrubbing, oh that carpet on the ceiling is shedding some rather sus dust, might give it a vac and see how it comes up.
Floor vac ed..looks OK. Time to scrub the rest.
Went op shopping and found some rather cute bits n bobs,,going to go with a Vintage style in our new Baby Bouse Bed & Breakfast.
OK so we are all scrubbed up and have some of my treasures in her. I think she has come up a treat and is named "Ruby Rosebud" (aka Baby Bouse Bed n Breakfast)

Now time to make some curtains. Oh joy got 9 meters of fabric from spotlight for $26 got to be happy with that.
Porta potty in, another bargain $70 ( the day we picked it up they said we lucky we ordered it because they went up to $120.00)
Well I have vac ed the carpet on the ceiling and it is just to far gone SO we have ripped it out and are going to replace it with the same sort of thing( i think this one was as old as the coaster been in since 1979!)
So out with the curtains and treasures and out n off with the carpet.
Wow that was easy.
Will be keeping a log on here of renovations to our vintage beauty Ruby Rosebud
So Until next adventure take care
Kris ox ox

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