Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rain Rain go Away!

Come again another day!!
Hi all, told Josh and Pip to give me a smile.. Best Josh could do, as he is so over getting in trouble for traipsing mud into the bouse But at least he tried lol

Well here we are again, another wet and miserable day on the supposedly "Sunny Gold Coast" (Blah)
Had big plans to get more done to Baby Bouse Ruby Rosebud today but alas the rain is to heavy to even get out there.
These Photos just taken through the window.
Looking on the bright side at least we are getting her bathed for free :)
And a car wash and don't for get the free Mud bath foot treatment.
Cant say it looks like it is going to let up anytime soon. In the mean time I will just wander around the Internet looking for inspirations on how to make our Ruby Rosebud a vintage style beauty.

Until next adventure

Be safe & keep dry

ox Kris 0x

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