Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Online store for Candy Rose Creations @

My Crafty Label "Candy Rose Creations" & some of the stuff I have listed at my online store.

The Banner I made for the store front on "Madeit"
And The Story Goes......
Hi all, Well you know Me, I gotta Create & with Living on the bouse & then Down sizing to the Baby Bouse and Now resizing to a Caravan ( not sure if that's more space than the baby bouse or not as we haven't got one yet LOL, we are living out of our car & soon to be touring the front yards of family and friends.) So anyway on with the story - I have to start selling some of my hand made home wears or I will be living off the streets with them, cause we are running out of room, so I have opened a little on line store in a great little place called "Madeit" ( )
You can also push on the flashy button on the side of my blog.(How clever am I getting)
SO, as I am still not all that sure of the land of the Internet and my computer skills are, well, not all that! It will be a slow but rewarding process for me, and I would love any feed back on how I could do any of it a little better.
This is just one adventure of a list we have.
We are putting the big mumma bouse WANAGO into storage, selling baby bouse RUBY on eBay.. packing the car and heading for NSW to sort out some stuff for a few months.
Ruby baby bouse has a few to many things for us to get sorted b4 rego so we have decided to go with a Caravan.( This excited me to no end as I will love doing a little caravan up in Vintage style and my mind is tickin madly with Ideas so " watch this space" lol)
OK I think that is enough for me to ramble about,
so until next Adventure
Take Care
Kris xxx

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