Sunday, February 27, 2011

Making the Caravan a vintage home!

Hi All,
Well been a while, but we have been busy renovating our new home.
I have taken step by step photo's so hope you enjoy looking through them.
The Caravan came to us with a fold out sofa in place of the bed so we decided to go with single beds, first things first pull the place apart lol

Next we wanted to freshen things up with a coat of paint, so a good sanding down and a splash of
Primer to cover the laminate walls.
Walls sanded and washed ready to paint.
Then in with some single bed frames and a wardrobe plus a bonus bench with storage under it ( "creation station" more room to sew and pack away the machines)
New over heads in the bedroom= more storage
bed frames ( calling them day beds) = more storage
Under lounge is storage as well.
wardrobe and bench.
Looking good and have a new lino for the floor.
One day we will re-cover the lounge dinette but for now it adds to the whole vintage feel I would like to go for. Looking good in white.
All under coated and ready for a coat of antique white USA paint.
And the new curtains, a bargain at $3 a meter and the green is perfect.
I made little tie backs for the curtains in a rose fabric with a red gingham ruffle trim.
The kitchen all painted and curtains up.

All that is needed is new handles on the cupboards, Oh and the fridge that was in it broke down so we got another bargain fridge off eBay for $66 and a trip to Sydney.

Just loving the stove and thinking the curtains match in well. Cant wait till the new flooring is in.

So that's what we have been up to. Keep popping in to see the next step in our Vintage style Caravan make over.
until next adventure
take care

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