Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vintage Caravan and Garage sale finds.

Yay we got one!, A new home, and this time we going to keep it, Its a 1977 Viscount 18ft Caravan. We have named her Bo Jangles.
We have a lot to do to her before we move in but we are so excited about the challenge.

I love the wrap around front and back windows.
Also the amount of large windows that "open" ( unlike Wanago our motor home)

Looking forward to many a lovely view and cool breeze through them.

Into the kitchen , How sweet is that oven (Wedgewood! loving it!)
large dinette and the back bedroom, there is a divan there but we will build a proper double bed with storage under it. The bed room and large wardrobe.
looking in the door into the kitchen we have a full size fridge.
So there you have it so far..our Vintage Caravan..keep coming back to see Bo's Make over.

And now more excitement we went Garage sale'in today and I have to say I am quite happy with our finds.

We are going to do our Caravan out in Vintage Style.

I am in love with the aqua/blue and red mix of colours with a touch of pink, the van has lemon bench tops and table top so I would really love to mix these colours, I think with our finds today we are on the right track.
Kettle, toaster, pots n fry pan, knife set are all essentials
The rosy dripping pot with lid was the bargain price of 50c, loving the fact that the roll top tin bread bin has a mix of my fave colours in it, zingy with the lemons lol
And Love love loving the cherries! Double bed sheet set, how lucky am I with the colour of these. Every Caravan needs a glass butter dish and treat tray.
So next weekend we will be looking for curtain fabric and inside paint, and then we can sit back and have a nice cup of tea in these sweet tea cups and watch the sun set.
I am feeling a very Lucky "Hip Chic Gypsy" today!
So until next Adventure

Take care

Kris xxx

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