Saturday, March 26, 2011

Caravan Makeover and moving in!

Hi to all.
We have been very busy of late moving into our little caravan, she ( B0 Jangles) is not quite finished yet but as with every great project of ours I am not sure if its ever really finished.

So on with the tour, Just inside the door we have our Tea making area.
I have Always LOVED fresh flowers around what ever I am living in! (These lovely roses cut fresh from my sisters garden xxx)

Kitchen area in use ( new little door handles on, a bargain find at a garage sale $5 for a bag of around 30 handles and knobs all timber & some from Ikea ;) so a great little find)

New little microwave ( not in keeping with the vintage style but just a little modern luxury ; )

My new magnetic shabby frame & some well loved books sit nicely on my creation station bench.

The other corner of the creation station is a dumping ground for my handbag and mail + scrap booking (STUFF)

"The creation station". I set up my embroidery machine here, its a great height for the cotton changes. The doors are still in the making for the under storage shelf. This houses my embroidery machine, sewing machine, over locker, turbo oven and some other stuff lol.

The bed room, (doors are still in the making for the new over heads and the wardrobe). I made matching doona covers out of red gingham its nice and cosy and very comfy as day beds as well when we are watching movies.
The wardrobe (in a bit of a mess) Hope those doors are made soon!
Another bit of luxury The TV it's on a swivel arm so we can watch it from both ends of the caravan, Oh & the Xbox (I am told the Xbox is a great DVD player as well lol) Doors are soon to go on the overheads.
Looking back into the bedroom, I have made a curtain to go across for more privacy when getting changed. Still umming and arring over the wall clock? not sure if it should go up???
So there you have it so far, Our little Caravan re-do. We are going to live in her full time for now and I think we have made her very comfortable and livable plus really functional as well.
Still a few little things to do Flooring, Painting and doors but She is home to us for now and I am loving it!
Check back soon to see what else we have done to Our Little Vintage Style Caravan
Until next adventure
Kris XX


  1. Hi Kris,,
    Your little "home" looks great, Can't wait til you come stay at my place and show me how to fix my PBsB&B up..
    Love to you
    Mammie ox

  2. I absolutely LOVE every inch of it. I, along with my sister, am in the process of redecorating our camper and this was very inspirational!

  3. Wow it is so inspiring - love it!