Sunday, March 27, 2011

How I make my Shabby fabric Flowers "show and Tell"

Hi all I had a sniffly day today, little flue bug got me :( But what better way to make myself feel better then to spend a sniffly drizzly Sunday tucked up in our cosy little caravan doing what makes me happy :) Crafting YAY, and also be able to play show and tell. What more could a girl ask for? Well enough of that, Here we go.... This is my first of I hope many show and tells Hope its of use to you ;) I would Love to show you how I make my Shabby Fabric Flowers.

First you will need to grab a strip of fabric, I cut a tiny bit into the fabric and then rip the rest of the way to make it fray a little. The size of the flower will depend on the width and length of your strip.

My strip is about 3cm wide and about 60cm long. Along with your strip of fabric You will also need a pair of scissors a needle and cotton and a button. Thread your needle and put a knot in the other end :) Now we sew a running or gather ( not sure of the term) stitch along the bottom edge of your strip of riped fabric.
Once you have reached the end of your fabric pull the cotton so the fabric gathers up.
OK now leaving the needle and cotton attached we twist it around and shape it into a flower.
The next step is to secure all rows and gathers with a simple hold it together stitch.

Turn your flower over and push the needle and cotton through all layers of fabric going back and forth until sewn together.

Once this is done turn it back over and sew your button to the middle of the flower, stitching through all layers and

"Hay presto" You have just made your very own Shabby fabric flower!
You could use it to embellish just about anything.. I have sewn a brooch pin back on some of mine and pinned them all over the place ;)
You could also glue a magnet on the back , sew them on head bands or bags or "Oh" ok lol I see you get the picture, But I bet like me you wont just stop at one
Well that concludes my "show and Tell" for today, thanks for poppin by.

Until next adventure

Take care

Kris xx


  1. Hi Teen ... Thanx for putting this up. they are so good for decorating and freshening up stuff. cant wait to make some for the new laundry
    catch up with you soon

  2. Great stuff...I think you've made some truly interesting points.Keep up the good work.
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  3. Thank you for sharing your technique for making roses--it's exactly what I was searching for and exactly how I want my flowers to look--right down to the buttons, one of my favorite embellishments.
    Lisa in Nashville, TN