Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Living in a shabby old caravan

Hi all and welcome.
Just thought I would pop in and ramble a little.

Its raining again today and a little windy, had plans of helping my sister do some WHITE painting, freshening up some furniture then flicking some shabbiness over it.( could still talk the men folk into sharing a corner of the shed)

But until then I am sitting in my shabby old caravan having a coffee and working out what has to be done in here next.

We still have doors to go on cupboards and the flooring to lay, So its just not finished and I cant hide anything in closed cupboards, might just pop up some curtains for now.

We have finally got a car big enough to tow the shabby old girl, so we will be on the road again soon, But until then I am enjoying spending the time with my lovely sisters and their families.

I guess I am feeling a little down as "My baby Turns 18 tomorrow" and I wont be with him.

But there will plenty of time to catch up with him when we move closer to him in the next couple of weeks.
That's all from me now, Thanks for listening and I will pop back in soon with some more ramblings.
Until next adventure
Take Care

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