Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Painting some furniture white.

Hi All

A few weeks ago I talked my sister into taking the plunge and painting a few of her treasured bits of furniture white.

Ha now the fun part: We had to talk the men folk into letting us play in the "Man Shed" not an easy task but with a few treats for him (and yes the food type) we where in ;)

As quick as a flash we took all the bits we wanted painted in to the shed. As we where looking for more bits to paint a wonderful things happened.
The man folk came out to play with his tools and the furniture got a little fixen to!

I had this old coffee table ( my man folk found on the side of the road, Love those clean up days) any ways as the paint was already going to be flowing I threw it in as well :)

Next we knew it...the compressor was out and the spray gun filled with white paint and before we could get out overalls on that wonderful man folk had the whole lot painted.

Time for us girls to take over and do what we do best...shabby it up a little ( Man folk now saying why did I just paint it all white when you are just going to sand it off)

Oh Man folk you will understand when you put your feet up in your cosy cottage and we do not lift an eyebrow as YOU R ONLY ADDING CHARACTER!

OK so back to it, The sitting room also got a quick fix slip cover for the sofa.This is our fave cuppa chatting area.

The dolls house stand didn't get a rub back but is looking sweet.

This room in my sisters house is always full of people coming and going, its very light and comfy perfect for a long chat or a quick catch up with family and friends.

The cane chairs come up a treat, another great place for a cuppa and a good book. The other cane chairs are for the veranda ( but that's a whole new post ;)

Last but not least is my little outdoor coffee table, It has a fresh new look and will most probably end up in my cottage ( when I get one)

So that's it for our little adventure with painting furniture white, I am sure its only over for now as I don't think you can ever be finished with finding something else to paint white.

Until next adventure

Take care

Kris xx


  1. Easy projects (for the man-folks :) Love how they all turned out. Thanks so much for adding your link to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  2. For Sure,start them man folks of easy lol, thats how I see it ;) Thanks again for Hosting good life Wednesday at a beach cottage.

  3. I loved every picture and the way you turned out. Every piece of furniture is shining after getting it white color. I really love white color too because it can really make any place very calming and peaceful as shown above. That's why I often prefer white painted furniture for my place and when I get any old piece of furniture, I try to turn out with white.