Saturday, June 11, 2011

A bit of organization with my craft stuff in this Little Old Cottage on wheels!

 Hi all
First I will introduce you to my little creative outlet. 

 I have been selling my wares at markets and have even opened a few of my own little shops on and off for about 10 years.
 I have gone from having my own little crafting nook in our own little cottage, to then striping and remodeling a motor home, to live on full time while traveling (Oh how I added  many crafty hidy holes sort of missing the Bouse) to now this shabby vintage Caravan, (again striping and remodeling and having my man folk add a little, What I like to call "creations station")
I am by no means whining about living on the road its just that..

I need to create, that is Me, I feel if I am not sewing or painting ( not arty painting, more like furniture white washing) Or crafting in some way I am not Me!
 Anyways, I have had to be a little crafty in the way I store things in this shabby old caravan, so I thought I would share with you how I keep it all together.
Here I have all my embellishments= buttons, ribbons,laces n the like.
 I got these excellent little zip lock bags from Ikea, 2 sizes in one pack, great value. I have my various bits and bobs all separated and named. Then pop them into a Hessian shopping bag. Easy : )
 Now on to my stash of fabric ( one can never have enough fabric, even if you are traveling in a cottage on wheels)
 The fabric I put into piles of floral, another is spots, stripes and checks, then a pile of solid plain colours.
 I pop these piles into their very own bags and label them. These then slide in under my bed for easy access along with the embellishment bag.
 Now onto beads, Not sure if I really Need them but yes they are a want!
 I have reduced them down to just this one little tub, I think I am doing alright lol

Now for my fabric dye and hand dyed lace, have had some great fun with this lot... tye dyeing and hand dyeing. The hand dyed lace gives my creations a bit of somthin somthin extra I think. Again down to one small tub I am going well! 
 Ok here we have some crafting stuff packed away under my creation station. I also have my Embroidery machine, sewing machine and over locker, printer and laptop.. Oh and not to forget the turbo oven, That's for my cooking creations lol.
 Curtain closed and you would never know what I have hidden.
 This is a view of my creation station on this shabby old caravan. All packed up and neat and tidy, wont stay like that for long I have the need to create ; )
 Sewing machine and over locker out and at the ready. Its a drizzly rainy day today, a perfect day to stay inside and sew.
Mmm now what to make?
Will be back soon to show you my latest creations

Until next Adventure
Take Care
Kris ***

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  1. Loven your little "CREATION STATION"

    loven to ya Mammie :)