Sunday, June 19, 2011

A little bird cage love.

Hi all
We had another lovely sunny winters day today.
I was sitting out in my little travellers gazebo area, having my cuppa this morning and wondering what I could do, when I remembered a shabby old bird cage that I had stored in my sisters old chook shed.
And as we "are" parked in her front yard visiting, this is the perfect opportunity for me to reclaim it.

So this is what I ( with a little help) did today.
Into the old chook shed..ooh there it is, my little shabby bird cage.
Pip is so excited "what we gettin , what we gettin"
Ok a few things moved and I.....can...just..reach...
Come on Pips, we got it lets get it cleaned up.
Needs a little dusting and a bit of work.
A little more help in the form of my Hubby and his power tools.
Mmmm well that didnt work as well as I had hoped...Hubby said its a bit old and brittle, not to worry..
A little wood glue and some ribbon might do the trick.
As thats drying I will show you some lovely flowers I was lucky enough to get from next door.
Ok I am not the most patient person in the world I have hung the bird cage up to dry.
Its lookin sweet in our little outdoor entertainment area.
I have replaced the ribbon for a more outdoor friendly string, I even think I will leave it on.
A sweet place to relax.
The shabby old caravan need a wash lol.
I am going to have me some sweet tea parties out here : )
This is a rose from my sisters garden, Just wanted to share it with you xxx
Until next Adventure
Take Care
Kris xx

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  1. Hi Kris
    The bird cage looks great,,
    Esek said to say hello to Pip, she wishes he would come back for a visit soon lol
    Bye from Melrose Cottage ox