Sunday, June 26, 2011

A little search for our next Adventure.

Hi all
Well we are on another adventure, This time we have come to the NSW/QLD border ( northern rivers area)
We have been thinking about hangin up our wheels for a bit and renting out this way, and hang out with our Kids for a while.
So this is our little trip around to see where we would like to settle.
I love the little mountain villages
So much old world charm .
While we are here we checked in on our motor home "Wanago" she is in storage while we have been living on the caravan.
She is safe and happy hiding behind the trees, seems like she is making friends lol. she Will stay here for a little longer until we work on her a bit to sell. ( so some one else can have a chance to " live the dream")
We popped into see our lovely friends Maria and Graham and their new baby boy Maximus.
Today we went to Pottsville beach area to check out some rentals and have lunch and get in a bit of fishin ( it is awesome winter weather.)
My 2 water babies. (Pip didn't stop running lol )
No fish here so time to move on. ( but the boys had a great time regardless)
A little river bush walk,
We have found that the beauty of this area is, the mountains and the beach are quite close, so its the best of both worlds. The chatter amongst us is full of excitement on the prospect of having a little sea change.
The day is coming to a close, so its time to pack up the rods and head for home. We had a perfect day and are excited about finding more spots to just chill out.

Until next Adventure
Take care
Kris xx

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  1. Thank you so much for taking us along with you! That General Store is just adorable ~ as is that gorgeous puppy! Such a lovely place to visit! Happy travels! Love Brenda