Monday, June 6, 2011

A little travelling Kitchen Garden for our shabby old Caravan

Hi All

I had a little Herb garden envy going on over the weekend, while popping out to pick fresh parsley from my sisters garden for some rissoles we where making for our home made hamburgers and I have also been filling my shabby old caravan with lovely fresh lavender from this very same garden. Oh I wished to myself I had a garden I could just pop out to and grab some fresh ingredients.

Then more herb garden envy when I was over checking in on one of my favourite blogs a beach cottage.

Good Life Wednesdays

and there Sarah was chatting about bringing her herbs indoors to fill her cottage with fragrance and have fresh herbs on hand at cooking time.
Again I caught myself dreaming and wishing I could have a herb garden of my very own, but alas I am travelling in my shabby old Caravan.

Then it hit me "you can", "I can"! There have been and are weirder things I have with me while living in a cottage on wheels ;)

So off to Bunnings I set and home again, home again with a little box of herbs I trot.

Pip had to come sus them out and we had to think a minute on the best way to go about having a little travelling herb garden.

Then I remembered I have a special little herb pot amongst the many treasures I have stashed under my sisters house. Just the perfect thing for a travelling garden.

As I went to find that , Pip guarded the herbs ( mmm I think he likes them to lol)

The herbs I have chosen are Basil and Thyme (and I pinched a little parsley plant from my sisters garden). I love to use these fresh herbs on , meat dishes , egg dishes, salads and of course pizza and pasta.( I will post some of my fave tried and tested recipes soon)

I love just brushing up against herbs and letting the fresh aroma fill the air.

And now I have my very own little herb garden I can take with me on our travels.

I have a special spot for it out side in the sun on our little out door setting and while on the road it can be tucked up safe and secure in the battered old kitchen sink.
How sweet is this herb pot and to think I nearly forgot all about it. It is looking much perkier today I just love checking in on it and will be snipping away very soon to use My very own fresh herbs from my very own herb garden. ( Thanks Girls for the envy boost to get me herbing again ;)

Until next Adventure
Take care
Kris xx

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