Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My little Model= *Harlow* & Candy Rose Creations @ Madeit Shop.

*Hi and Welcome,*
Pull up a chair and stay a while.

 I would like to introduce to you,  Candy Rose Creations Little model *Harlow*
Here Harlow is Totally Kicking it, in our Little "whoot" singlet,
Loven how she's workin that camera , The whoot singlet has a lovely girly owl design, machine embroidered with fabric applique.
Oh, Harlow you are a treasure.
All whoot singlets ( and most of my machine embroidery are different in applique fabrics and cotton colours so they are originals. ( whoot singlets SOLD OUT for now, but will be back in time for summer)

Here Harlow is wearing, and *Rocking it* might I add, the "Market skirt",  Elastic waisted with a little pocket ( for keeping of treasures found : )
This is an easy wear, easy wash skirt with lots of room to bend and stretch and play and spin. ( I do have one of these little market skirts left, read on and if you like anything you can pop on over to my *made it* shop, You can find the skirt HERE  or the link to the CandyRoseCreations shop is on the side bar )
I am thinking of doing this style skirt in soft cord for winter,let me know what ya think?
Thanks Harlow you are a my super model xxx

Here are some other creations I have over at my *made it* shop
"Little Tweety" singlet, this one is a lovely little lemon number with a sweet little applique bird and hand crochet flower with a button centre.
The bird is a soft lemon with little rose buds.
This one is our "whoot loves ya" singlet
Sweet little pink rose bud owl and hand crochet flower with a button centre.
This is the " market skirt". (Like the one *Harlow* is modeling)  Daisies and strawberries adorn this one with crisp white linen trimmings.
Cute little green buttons, top the pocket off.

Some T shirts I have been working on, This one has the cutest fluffy white puppy.
 She loves to be patted.
 And onto *Pugsly* such a sweet little pug
 A good one for little chaps. This one is on a Black "T" shirt.

 Now for the Yummy Mummies out there, totes are so versatile,, Nappy bag, Market tote or just plain shopping bag.
 I have lined them and added a little pocket for keys or phone.
 Then finished off with one of my hand crochet flowers.
 Another Tote,
 This one is a bit Brighter, Florals and Stripes, lined in green.
 Well my lovelies that is all from me at the moment, I have many more creations to get finished and photoed and posted . 

We are still living and travelling in our shabby old caravan so I feel its best, not to take orders as such,(I could not promise any time frame on them), so would rather to just create what I have in mind. ( but if you needed a specific size or colour let me know and I could try to get it made ; )  * Be sure to check out my little Candy Rose Creations shop at, and if you have any ideas on what I could try to make,  please leave me a comment on here and I will try to give it a go.

Thanks for popping in, and come back anytime, I am always putting up little posts of my creations, adventures and , well... just about everything We have been doing ; )

Until Next Adventure
Take Care
Kris xx 


  1. Thanks for joining the party and for following. Cute creations. I need a link or button added to your post back to my party. Thank you.

  2. Hi Kim
    I had actually linked the post b4 this one to your party and I have also added your "wow it wednesday" link to my side bar. But i will go back and link this post aswell. Love your site. Thanks for popping in.

  3. Hi Kris
    Wow Harlow is growing fast,,she is so beautiful, I love all the kids clothes you make, well I love everything you make lol,
    thank you
    love Mammie oxox