Friday, June 10, 2011

Sewing ruffles Candy Rose Creations style.

Hi all
Just thought I would share some sewing I have been doing with my sister.
Its been great being able to hang out with all 4 of my sisters. I am going to miss our times together when we get on the road again, but this time we might just settle down for a while and get a cottage in one place.
But for now I am blooming where I am planted : )
So on with some sewing.

Hmmmmm an old curtain my nephew was throwing out ,and a old black valance.
What can I make.

Ha got it -- A ruffled front,
Ok so here we go, Cut the front and back out of the curtain- Rip, Tear some strips for the ruffles. Rip n tear some handles.
Cut the valance to make the lining, ooh the top of the curtain ( the frilled bit) would make a great pocket.
Ready to sew.,
A spiral ruffle, or looks more pleated ( ok so I need more practice on ruffles : )
Not bad ..I like it hmmm
Now we sew the pocket to the lining
and sew up the lining.

Now to sew the outer bag together
And all pined and ready to put together..
Ooh forgot to show you the pocket ( this I sewed on before sewing the lining together)
Putting the handles in, I double stitched the top, to add extra strength.
All done and I really like it but somthin is missing..??? Ohh buttons and ruffled flowers.
Hmm so many buttons which one will I choose???
OOW I like the black and cream together..
There ya have it... Not bad for 45mins from start to finish.
Oh no ( my sister said) I am mad . because...
I liked mine so much I'm going to make my sisters one too..
What have we got,, WHAT HAVE WE GOT ooh yay Calico and I found an old green table cloth ( well it was hidden in the back of my sisters cupboard, so I do class that as found! : )
Sweet, this one is more ruffled ..Liking it!

I am off again..
Hmm ooh yea I have some goldish colour fabric I bought for another project, Yep and the old curtain. So number 3 on its way  ALL DONE-- 3 bags in less than 3 hours..
This one is for another sister ( boy are they going to love me lol every girl needs a little ruffle in her life)

Thanks to my sweet sister Lynda for helping me ruffle and takin photos n writing this post xxxx
Until Next Adventure
Take Care
Kris xxx


  1. really lovin the bags keep them comin . xxx

  2. Yep me to,,Thank you for my lovely Green ruffle bag, I love it,
    Loven to yas Mammie oxox