Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shabby old Caravan gets some new flooring and then we strolled along the lake.

Hi all,
I was Just so excited I wanted to share, We have started on the new flooring in the caravan.

This is the floor before, we had to put this new bit in as the old stuff was rotting from age and a little water damage. All leaks fixed now.

It still needs to be glued down , it had been rolled up for so long waiting to be put in that it has kinks, so we will just let it un-kink and sit for a few days.

The bedroom down and now its time for the rest of the shabby old caravan to get the flooring treatment, measure twice cut once ( lol learnt this the hard way b4)

I am loving our work bench for this project.

Ok its in. It was such a lovely morning I got all the bedding washed as well so please excuse my dreary beds :)
Oooh and take a look at the sweet bird cage sticker I got from Kmart and the little mirror with the bird cage on it is from spotlight ( couldn't have a real bird with my little pip the pup around so this is the next best thing :)

Looking back into the kitchen area of our little holiday home, I do hope the flooring will settle, My man folk said it will for sure and he said a bit of glue under it and some beading to hold the edges down will keep it smooth.Lucky I have faith mmm

Oh and i finally got some curtains up on the creation station :)

Well with that down and settling ,, we thought little Pip needs a run and we need time out so with pips lead on we headed on down to the lake for stroll.

Camera always in hand I got some late afternoon shots of lake Macquarie NSW.

Pip was too fast so didn't even bother to try to get any of him lol.

I just love the calmness this Lake brings me. I hadn't been out here for a while, I grew up on this lake and the stroll here today has brought back many a memory.

My Brother in law and nephew are the ones paddling out on the kayak I bet they will be out here every chance they get. What better way could you spend a Saturday afternoon!

Until next adventure

Take care

Kris xx

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  1. What a beautiful page, I have really enjoyed looking at it. I love your house decor and your caravan. I am in the process of renovating my house and a little van that I have. The work on my van can be seen on Facebook here: stop by and say hi. Cheers, and keep up the amazing work, Trish Martin.