Saturday, July 9, 2011

The first step in our next Adventure.

Yep that's what I am going to do ;).
So..... the first step is ;We are selling our sweet vintage style Caravan!
Moving on, hitting the road again, only this time with the car and trailer packed.
Heading for Qld, and then working out what we will do next.
We have had so much fun doing up the caravan.( find the doing up part of the caravan HERE )
But its time to move on.
Maybe get back onto our motor home ( you can check her out HERE ) or we might even clean it up and sell it as well.... then buy a little property?
Who knows!
But I will still keep you posted on here, with a little showing of my latest creations and favourite recipes (and anything else that excites me) along the way.
Until next Adventure
Take care
Kris ***

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