Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Getting through!

Hi all,
I thought this post was going to be me popping in to vent a little :(
But you know what, as I sat here going through photo's to down load (to add a little interest to my whinge) I realized just how lucky I am.( As you read, please remember I have a head cold, so I tend to ramble, just lettin ya know : )
OK back to it >>>
You see I was going to have a whinge about having the flue, about feeling ill and tired and over it all.
But, then I opened an email from my loving sister today, and you know what? She sent me some sweet photo's of some roses ( This is a rose I was lucky enough to leave for Pam to look after for me, while we are on the road.) 
They are in bloom and she wanted to give me some flowers (rose love),along with a sweet little, hope you feel better soon note.
But wait there is more!,I was going to carry on about how we have been held back on our plans to hit the road again,( get back and see our kids, well this one I can say I am still wyning about, I really do miss them ever so much).
I was going to  blabber on about how the hubby has had the MAN flue ( in bed for 4 days) and not been getting the trailer or caravan finished.
Well to my surprise he must have been feeling much better today, as he was up bright and sparkly this morning, (he had been next door and cut me some of those camellias I love so much, and had placed them in the sink of the caravan for me to wake up to :) and ,Yes, still more! He had the compressor rumbling and painting that old trailer. Its starting to come along nicely (rest and health really are much more important, without that , we wont be going anywhere!)
 Now, I to, needed to get off my butt and throw open the curtains and let some good ole fashion winter sunshine flood into this shabby old caravan.
I really don't want to sell her, But then again I am really wanting to get back to warmer sunny QLD and our kids,(did I mention I am missing our all grown up adult big kids)
 So,  I cant have it all, And We still have WANAGO our motor home and there will be other caravans we can do up (OR even a real real cottage Yay!)
SO I have come to realize I am very lucky and should just bloom where I am planted. I have been fortunate enough of late, to have one of my wonderful sisters here on hand every day and she has been looking after me while I have been feeling sick,
 I go coffeeing with another sister on Wednesdays ( or whatever takes our fancy, we are even known to  paint my niece's bedroom furniture white lol) and I have a sewing day with another sister on Thursdays ( well then again , whatever we decide to do on the day)
I have 4 beautiful sisters and I can see them anytime, ( that's not going to happen when we move back to Qld). So I just need to count my blessings and enjoy the time I have here in our shabby old caravan, because I am not going to have any of it for long. (but I will have a place in Qld they can come visit any time)
OK that's it for me today, It's getting chilly and the clouds are rolling in . Not winging now , lol , Just saying.... its time to close up this shabby old Caravan and cosy in for the night. We have a big drive tomorrow, we are going to Sydney.(but that's another story)
Thanks for listenin. I feel good, I feel great , I feel wonderful!


Until next Adventure
Take Care
Kris **

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  1. I'm pleased the rose pic's help ya feel better,,wont be long now and you can put them in the garden of your new cottage,,love you ,,talk to you soon oxoxox
    Mammie ox & Rof oxox