Monday, July 18, 2011

Home made "laundry liquid & Dish wash"

Hi all
I know there are heaps on this type of recipe out there in Internet land, But I have been using this clothes washing Gloop for about 2 years and cannot fault it, so I thought I would share My take on the dish wash and cloths washing goop I like to use.
First up we will go with dish washing. Here it is, plain and simple *Sunlight soap*!
I like to use the block soap because I have this little cage I can put it in, then as I am filling the sink I just run this under the hot water.
As you can see there are not many bubbles/suds, but the cleaning power is much better than other dish wash I have used.
After washing I like to rinse in a little water and white vinegar ( I have it in a spray bottle and just spritz it around sometimes.)

There you have it, nice n clean with a sparkle.

Now onto clothes washing .
This stuff is great for hand washing, top loader or front loader!

This I call *clothes washing Goop*, as it comes out to be quite thick.
You will need: A large pot for heating ( about 20ltre), a spoon for stirring and some containers for storing.
For the washing liquid:
2 bars of soap ( grated) or lux flakes.( you could use any soap, I like to step it up a cleaning notch sometimes and use SARDS wonder soap)
2 cups of borax ( found in the laundry isle of supermarket)
2 cups of Soda crystals ( also found in laundry isle)
Essential oil ( like eucalyptus or lavender)
On to the making; Grate the soap and add a couple of litres of boiling water ( you can also do this on the stove top to melt soap, if we are out and about traveling ,I just boil the kettle, works just as well)
Mix water and soap until dissolved. Add borax and soda crystals along with more water to make about 20lt( at this stage you can transfer into a bucket with a lid).This is when I add essential oil,just a few drops. I use eucalyptus but any smell you like will do.)
Then you just leave that over night ( it will turn to slim). The next day transfer into recycled milk or juice bottles for ease of use***
That's it, Oh I use about 1/2 cup in a top loader or 1/4 cup in a front loader.
I also like to rinse the machine out with a cup a white vinegar now and then, ( well ,I use white vinegar for a lot of cleaning, might tell yas about that another time)or even pop it in the rinse cycle of a clothes wash.

Now all you have to do is work out where to hang your cloths, (Unless you have a clothes line lol)
And Sit back and let the breeze and sunshine do its thing.

I am dreaming of a clothes line like this one at The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell. I would be hangin washin and wondering off into that dream land, every day.
Until next adventure
Take Care
Kris **

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  1. Hi Birdie,

    I still have a little bit of the goop you made when you stayed here, it is good stuff,thank you for the recipe I can make some more now,

    Loven to y'all