Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time out = Watagans National Park.

Hi all
I went on an adventure Yesterday ,with my sister and her two ( full of energy) grandsons.
We hiked up and down a mountain to see the most amazing waterfall
Gap creek falls in the Watagans NSW.
This is just a taste of what we seen, I have more photo's to follow ( as durr my camera battery was going flat,) but Lyn got heaps of pics as well . So I will post them soon.
The climb down in some places is steep, but the sights where amazing.
It was a little chilly , but as we weaved our way down we seemed to warm up.
once down at the falls, it was just spectacular.
Just breath taking.
Yep lol we have to climb back up there ;)
Rest time, and the view is superb.
The moss covered rocks, the native flora and fauna. It all Made me really stop and take in how lucky I am.
This is what life is all about, the TIMES spent with Family, just hanging out and checking out this wonderful country we live in.
The Boys, Lyn and I , Walked and Talked and oohed and arrrded, laughed and climbed then back at the top of the mountain we had a picnic. It was a perfect , perfect day.
Thank you LyndaXXXX
Until next adventure
Take Care
Kris ***

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  1. yes what a beautiful country we live in,I'm so happy You, Lyn & the Boys had such a wonderful day, It most certainly is what life is about.
    Love to you all
    Mammie oxoxoxoxox