Monday, July 11, 2011

Trailer do up.

Just popping in to give you an up date. We have started doing up the trailer for our next big adventure.
We have started off with a 8x5 box trailer.
The aim is to put a cage on it, and then eventually close it in.
Our brother in law is handy with a welder, so we got some 25mm galvanised channel for the frame and the boys spent Saturday welding it all together. Its coming along nicely.
The next step was to weld some angles onto the trailer to bolt the cage frame to it.
That's all done. Now we are just waiting for this freezing cold wind to settle and we are going to paint the trailer with a hammer effect silver paint.
For now its onto finishing off the caravan to get it on the market. :(
So its all go here at the Hip Chic Gypsies Camp.
I will pop in again soon with some update photo,s

Until next Adventure
Take Care

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