Friday, September 30, 2011

Avondale Cottage & Moving in.

Good Morning all,
And what a lovely sun shiny day it is here at Avondale Cottage.
We have been so busy settling in, I have not forgotten you, and have taken heaps of photos to share.
We have had a lot of scrubbing to do in this shabby little cottage, That wood burning oven I love so much, Yea well "soot" all over the walls, is all I can say about that at the minute!
Anyways, I will make this quick as we have visitors coming tonight for the weekend,and more lovely visitors coming & going all week, and we still have heaps to do to get ready. ( I did say I wanted a B&B, Loving visitors, YAY)
Well here we go, Our life so far in Avondale cottage,
* We wake up every morning to the twitter of these little beauties, down by the chook pen.
This is our view to them from the veranda.
And then there is the cows, and Pip is there to show them how eating grass is really done LOL
Another view from our front veranda.
And a close up, how sweet are our babies : )
Oh talking about babies, this is our little family of swallows, 3 bubs a mummy & Daddy, I have to be quick to get a shot of them. They are nesting on the front veranda over the front door ( a little poop but its worth it)
OK so now we step in the back door and into the kitchen, I have scrubbed and scrubbed the kitchen, but we will paint it soon. These are the treasures I have been dragging around with me, I think they are finally HOME!
& turning around, this is the other side of the kitchen and the back door, We need more cupboards under this shelf, no worries a few more garage sales and some of Jimmy's handy work and all will be well ; )
The roses are from our cottage garden, how lucky am I.
looking back from the back door.
Oh and I have been up early doing washing, Loving the view from my kitchen window
Next we have the bathroom ( and yet another door out onto the veranda), The more stuff we put in the cottage the bigger it seems to get ; )
Standing at the veranda door looking back into the bathroom.
Looking from the bathroom into the, um well it was suppose to be a bedroom, but we have made it into the Dining room. Its a bit dark, but I think with a fresh coat of cream paint it will lighten up a little.
This hutch was out in the creation station, so I scrubbed it up and Jim is fixing a dodgy door and we dragged it in here, My treasures are loving it.
Now we step from the kitchen into the lounge room. It is slowly getting there ( and when I have time I am going to make a white slip cover for the lounge and chair in here) Oh and I really wan to get the paint of these door, windows, Let the sun shine in :)
Looking back into the lounge room, Its getting there lol, Jim's had fun painting every thing white, and I just keep finding things for him to paint lol
Okly Dokly, I better get off my Bum and get this place sorted, so that's it for now. I still have the bedroom and toilet room to get organized so I can take some photos and share with you. ( excitement lol) 
Until next Adventure
Take Care

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