Friday, September 23, 2011

"A Cottage in the Raw"

Hi All
We have signed the lease on the cottage and picked up the keys, and have moved in our first load of treasures.
We have Organised for the electricity guy to come out and for us to be switched on, on  Monday afternoon ( we have to be there, so thought afternoon would be better as we are spending the weekend on the Gold Coast)

And now is when I give you a little tour of "Avondale Cottage" ( that is whats on the sign as we drive up the driveway :)..nice to have it already named for us.
So here we are driving up the road to the cottage, isn't she sitting so sweet on top of the hill.
lol... Driving up the drive way.
I took this photo the other day when we went to look at the cottage for the first time, ( it was raining that day, today was not,,,it was hot..) I just wanted to put it in to show you the back of the cottage again.
And here we are in those double blue doors, This is the breeze way/ laundry. The air con is in the kitchen window.( might have to remove that, I do not think it works)
The other side of the breeze way is the sleep out, But it will be the creation station / guest room.
Inside is just one big room, so this half will be the Creations Station.Loving the hutch and wardrobes we have inherited with the cottage, they will come in very handy (and look great painted white).
And this half will be a guest room ( and NO this bed is not staying ,It is a bit far gone lol)
OK so now into the Cottage..You walk straight into the Kitchen..Only needs a little elbow grease and a whole lot of TLC, we have plenty of both and a great vision for this little cutie.
Coffee time ( we bought our market coffee making stuff) already looking like home.
This is the wood burning oven,,, loving this so much (A good scrub and this baby is ganna rock)
This room is off the kitchen and is a walk through to the bathroom. Its meant to be a second bedroom, but I think it will be handy made into the dining room, the kitchen isn't big enough for a table and as a bedroom it will be a little.. well...awkward, and we do have that other half of the creation station for guests.
Now here we are in the bathroom. A good scrub in here and a few of our cottage accessories ,,SWEET
There is also a door from here that opens up onto the veranda.
Going back out through the room and kitchen and we have entered into the lounge room. I am absolutely loving these doors, OK so the room is not large, but it is going to be Oh so cosy.
Now into the main bedroom and the ..ah um.. en suite..(well it is the only toilet in the cottage so technically not an en suite, but as it is off the bedroom I can dream lol.).Oh there is also a door from this toilet room that opens onto the veranda. The carpets in here, the lounge room and the dining/bedroom are in dire need of a good clean as they are a little smelly..OK so a lot stinky, But as my lovely sister reminded me, after a good vac, a couple of drops of rose oil and all will be sweet. ;)
Well that's it for the inside of the Cosy Cottage. Now onto the front veranda, How sweet is that! Love how the cracks in the walls let in that much needed light ( the only room inside the cottage that has been lined is the main bedroom). Love these doors, the cool breeze sweeping through on a hot summers day ( again.. Dreaming ).
I can see that this veranda is going to be one of our favourite spots to sit with a relaxing cuppa and look out on the gorgeous views.
The gardens are in need of a good weeding and freshening up, but just look at these roses..IN LOVE.
This is that gorgeous view I was telling you about, isn't that just ..WOW
Looking back at the cottage.  Loving the little gates and the fact that Pip can be out on the veranda but not get out. Most of the fences are chicken wired but well he is a Jack Russell and he loves rolling in cow poop : )
 Side of the house,see the room at the end of the veranda, That is the bathroom. Loving the big newish water tank.
This end of the veranda is the toilet room, it actually has a little room type area in there to, not sure what I will do with it, its sort of all doors? ( you can see it in the main bedroom photo ) might just put a chair in there n make a little waiting room lol.
 On with the tour...I think I am going to spend many an hour pottering around in this garden.
How sweet is this little cottage, Ooh there is a chicken pen too, yep turn around...
Here it the shade of a ,,um tree : )..When we are settle we will just have to get some chooks xoxoxox
There are a few Banana tree's..Looks like the cows have been in the yard and had a little trample, but they will come good ( we will have to remember to shut the gate lol).. More water tanks and again with that view..So there you have it our little cottage in the raw.
Soo this weekend we are moving the stuff that we do have into the cottage, hopefully finding a fridge and a queen size bed at garage sales. It will be up and down from the Gold Coast to the Cottage a few times and then Monday morning We are Going Home to the Cottage YAY.
Thanks for stopping by
 Until next Adventure
Take Care


  1. Oh wow I love it ,,and those roses are so lovely, can't wait for the after pic's,
    "liven the dream" ..
    love to y'all
    Mammie oxoxox

  2. oh and not to mention that view,,its wonderful, just like home
    oxoxo Mammie