Sunday, September 25, 2011

Garage sale finds.

Good morning all
Just a quick one before we do our final trailer load of furniture and treasures from our room here on the gold coast to our little shabby cottage.
Yesterday we had a great garage sale hunt. finding some excellent bargains.
One being this tall boy, at $30 (asking $50 but Hubby talked them down)
With a splash of white paint, this one will look great and come in very handy in our bedroom.
Next we came across this little beauty, already painted white and loving the little handles. We have TV unit in mind for this one. Asking $30, again bargaining skills where used and we got it for $25.
It has just the right amount of shabbiness. ( yay a piece of furniture we don't have to do anything to)
Glad we saved the $$ on the furniture because when I seen this little number I just couldn't resist, Oh and who in their right mind would pass up on a red colander ( one can never have enough colanders, ; )
$5 for this hooky shelfy thingo, it just reeks with country cottagyness, ya gotta love that! ( no white paint for this one, I am so loving this duck egg blue)
We also got a queen size bed and mattress, asking price $70, picked them up for $50. I didn't get a photo of these before we took them to the cottage yesterday , but , well, you know me, I will get a before photo of them to show you ( Yes, lol, it to will be getting painted white). Oh I also got a small timber desk (Bargain $4) it has 2 little draws across the front, its going to make a great sewing machine desk.
Well that's it from me for now, we are heading on up to the cottage to "camp over". There is no electricity on yet, so we will really be going back to basics.
"Livin the Dream"
Until next Adventure
Take care

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  1. Hi Kris.. I'm bringing my painting clothes when I come to visit ( not long now )... save some for me.