Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Op shop finds for our cottage living.

Hi all
Well its getting exciting, only one more sleep until we sign the lease and pick up the keys to our little cottage.
And after coming out of our motor home with fixed furniture and then into the caravan ( again fixed furniture) I am getting even more excited to have furniture I can move around a little, after all a change is as good as a holiday. So with saying that we need to get so called furniture, we are also on a very tight budget.
As with any great budget conscious cottage dweller, I to, love the thrill of finding great bargains at op shops, eBay and garage sales.
Remember our great sofa bed/lounge EBay find at just $52. Well today we have out done ourselves and got the best bargain ever.
*6 colonial timber dining chairs ( perfect for painting white) loving the sturdiness and shape.
*Small timber coffee table ( again painting this one white) love those legs.
* A shabby but practical retro Ottoman ( going to look Oh so sweet in a shabby rose slip cover)
Also got some fabric remnants, pink terry towel, cream & white stripe and some roses on navy retro.
Oh and a sweet little photo frame
I took these photo's b4 we loaded them all into the trailer to take to the cottage tomorrow.
The coffee table will need a good sand b4 we paint it, and the chairs are thick with black paint, so again more sanding for them b4 they get the white treatment.
The fabrics I have no idea at the moment what they will turn into but I am sure some sort of creation is in the future.
OK so are you wondering how much we paid for this lot?????????
I am so excited to tell you ,all this only cost us  $25...YES..a whole.. $25
This is a very good thing for our budget,,yes.. yes..yes, a very good thing. : )
*Dining chairs $2 each = $12
*Coffee table                    $5
*Ottoman                         $3
*Roses on Navy fabric     $1.50
*Cream and white strip    $1.50
*Pink terry towel             $1.50
*Shabby photo frame          .50c
Gotta Love a bargian.
So on the list next is a fridge and a queen size bed and mattress
But I am sure we will find a few more things we "NEED" ( well maybe not really need but if they a good price I want them lol ).
                                                     Anyways that's it from me today
                                                             Until next Adventure
                                                                  Take care

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  1. Hi Kris,, love ya bargains,
    your a great Op Shopper :)

    love to you all
    Mammie oxoxox