Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Op shop finds and getting ready to move into the cottage.

Hi all
We have been busy Holidaying with the grandaughters.( Love school holidays : ). Anyways we had some girly time today and went treasure shopping  ( a name the girls have given Op shops, they love finding treasures).We have been Looking for bits to furnish the little rental cottage we are moving into.
No furniture but we did come across this sweet tea pot, The eldest of the 2 just loves having tea parties with nanny, so this little beauty will come in handy.
We also found some linens, a calico table cloth ( the one at the front of this photo) next we have a double doona cover in cream and 2 white flat queen sheets and a fitted queen sheet in cream.
I bought them home and got them in the wash and they have come up lovely.
I am also loving those wrinkles, there is just something about clean fresh linens hanging on the line that says HOME to me.  : ) wont be long now and they will be hanging on our very own cottage hills hoist.. YAY..
We also fell inlove with this lacy pillow sham ( going to look Oh So Sweet on my wanna be B&B guest bed)
it needed a good soaking, so a good washing tomorrow will bring it up bright n sparkly.
We had a lucky find with these 4 large white bath sheet/towels, after a good wash I hung them in the sun and finished the drying off in the tumble dryer for a little softening.
Pip is saying MINE, sorry pip not for you ; )
Loving all the white and cream mixed together in today's finds..and all for a grand total of $24.00. gotta love that.

oh the other night while perusing EBay for furniture we came across this sofa bed and lounge chair, we put in a bid and won them for $52.00. we needed a sofa bed for visitors ( still dreaming about that B&B lol).
OK so its not the prettiest lounge in the world but I think the shape and bones of it are nice.& gotta be happy with the price.

We are going to pick it up tomorrow, its in Brisbane so a good hours drive..
Soo when we move into the cottage ( ooh yay picking the keys up on Friday)
 I would like the sofa to eventually look like this, well as close as it can get lol
( photo is from Rachel Ashwells shabby chic). I am going to have a go at making a slip cover.
                                                             Love that word Shlubby..
                                                               Until next Adventure
                                                                     Take Care

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  1. Hi wow they are some great finds, I love the teapot,will have to come and have a tea party with you and the girls,
    oh poor Pip ,can't he use the towels too :-),

    Love to you all,,
    keep safe and happy
    Mammie oxox