Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Things I have been doing.

Hi all, I Just thought It was about time I  pop in and get ya's up to date on what I have been up to.
We have arrived in Qld ( Sunny Gold Coast = raining most of the time)
Anyways we have a room set up at our Daughter and Son-In laws, so we have been spending heaps of time with our kids and granddaughter's ( = Loving it!)
Taking the baby boy ( who is 18,) to work, having lunch and hanging out at the pub with him on fathers Day ( we also spent Fathers Day tea time with our In laws and family it was a lovely night.)
OK back to our accommodation, ( we are still looking for a rental but in the mean time I am having a ball with the family so close) Soooo in this room I have a creation station set up and have been sewing and creating.
 Our ( Big) Kids have a Business called gangstagraffix and they have branched out into custom design Tshirts using their own designs on the computer and a high tec vinyl cutter and a heat press..soooo with me not liking to see anything go to waste I have been rescuing the vinyl off cuts and hand cutting some designs and Ironing them on to baby singlets
Sewing little buttons as eyes and wallah MINI MONSTER Kids summer collection has started.
This is my Creation station, Up front we have some "Candy Rose Creations Frilly Fru Fru Aprons" on the go.
Next on the production line are some cut little zip pouches, the uses for these are endless
(This one was SOLD at Pottsville Beach markets , we did on the weekend.)
Just making up the pattern for this one was challenging as I have been ( ssshhhh) scared of putting zips in for quite some time.
But once I got the idea ( and worked out that it was quite simple) I made up a few.
I will most certainly making a few more zippered pouches as they where a great seller at the Weekend Market.
Just had to throw in these super cute gum boots I bought for myself ( for this lovely Gold Coast weather)lol
A bargain price of just $9.50 = LoVe
The Breeze is lovely here in the creation station But it whizzes through and slams the door ( giving me quite a shock) So I made this door stop for my room. It turned out so darn cute I decided to make some up to sell at the markets. ( the pattern did not come out of Cath Kidstons book sew I just had them up on the shelf near it and took the photo) They where very easy and fun to make. I have stuffed them with some wadding and river pebbles, so they will be Market only stock ( a little costly to post)

Pipin had not been feeling to well, We thought he must have gotten stung by a bee, But had been 3 days and the swelling we noticed under his left eye had not gone down and seemed to hurt when we touch it.

He was helping me get photos of Candy Rose Creations stock when I noticed it ( can you see the little swelling under his eye) Ooh and some more zipped pouches ( The bigger one with red spots inside also SOLD at the markets)

Anyway Pips eye is looking heaps better today and he is running around not seeming to worry about it so all is well with him.
Ooh yea ,We are going to visit our daughter and her partner, they live a 3 hour drive from here, so we are going to spend the weekend with them = excited and cant wait to see her
So that's it from Me and Mine today. Got lost of creating to get out of my head and into reality.
I will pop back in more often as I have lots to say lol xxx

Oh Oh did I mention we sold our shabby vintage style caravan Yay ( But I am a little sad)
Oh and this is our new design for our label " Candy Rose Creations".I wanted it to look a little bit vintage a little bit chic = I am loving it .... Its been sent off for tweaking and will be woven into labels soon =double yay...
Until next adventure
Take Care


  1. love your creation station,I'm slowly working on mine,when we come up to the sunny gold coast ,,(lol), I would like to buy one of your lovely door stop's..
    glad to hear Pip is getting better..
    Love to you & all the Family,
    love Mammie & Rof oxox

  2. Hi Kris ... lookin good .. hope Pippin is feelin better his cousins .... Scout and now a new addition Camanche...say hi.. talk to about that later .. love to you and the family say hi to them all.. talk soon