Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We have found our Dream Cottage to rent

Hi all,
Just popped in to tell ya's ...( and give ya a sneak peek)...We have a new adventure in front of us, and that is a little cottage to rent.
It was raining the day we went to have a look at it..I took these photo's while we where waiting for the real estate agent to come show us through, ( I was in the car and when she got there i forgot to grab my camera as I was so excited to get into the cottage and have a look around)
We fell in love with it straight away, we don't move in for another 10 days, but when we do i will get more photo' will fall in love with this little cottage to.

There are sheds too, (so hubby can be in the Man shed until his hearts content.Build on Jimmy) Lol all will be happy.
The little cottage is , a very basic little home, but it has all we need and the caricature of the cottage gives us a sense of being at home.There is even a wood burning stove in the kitchen.( but you will have to pop back to see that)
oh see this room off the back..its not actually attached to the cottage, oh well it is but it has its own door, the blue doors go into like a breeze way right through ( with the out back , now covered laundry) sooo this room is going to be my Creation station,,yay Candy Rose Creations is getting its very own studio..
I will pop back in with updates on Avondale Cottage
Until next Adventure
Take Care

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  1. Hi Kris,,,love ya new cottage,can't wait to see what you do with it, also can't wait to come for a visit ,,
    Loven 2 ya Mammie