Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another Lovely weekend.

Hi All
Well, Yep that's another weekend done and dusted, we where up and ready bright and sparkly for Ipswich show ground market today, as we drove out of the drive way this is what we where greeted with, gotta love a foggy, misty Country morning ( it was 5.30am this is going to be a quick little post as I am off to hit the hay very soon xx).
OK here we are all set up and ready..( bring on the crowds)
We had a steady stream of customers all day ( lol by all day I mean until 11.30am when the market finished)
we had a great turn over today and will surely be coming back to this market again. Met some lovely people, so all in all had a great day.
We got a mate for storm and have called it Jade. ( lol storm checking it out hehe)
Hubby got a ride on mower for his 50th Birthday and he is happy as Larry ( mmm not sure who Larry is, but I can tell ya I got one Happy Hubby lol)
And I just had to share this pic....Star Jasmine and a Rusty gate...looks n smells so sweet..
OK my lovelies I am outta here
Got a big week Creating and replenishing stock for next market.
Hope yas all had a wonderful weekend and have a truly tremendous week
Until next Adventure
Take Care

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