Sunday, October 9, 2011

Avondale Cottage, Creation Station & getting Settled.

Hello my sunshiny people
Well it has been a while, We have had lots of visitors here at the cottage and have loved seeing every one.
In between our guests we have been doing a few little jobs around this shabby old cottage, I must say we are fitting in here very well and  have fallen in love with the place.
Well with that said, I thought I would pop in quickly n show ya's what we have been up to.
We have given the kitchen ( well as far as we could reach without a ladder, must get one lol) painting the kitchen. We have gone with a paint called "Hog Cream".
 We would eventually like to paint the cabinetry gloss white and find a cheap lino to freshen up the floors ( little by little).
We have scrapped and scrubbed the paint off the lounge room door window bits
Looks heaps better, lets the light in,
& lets you see and enjoy that gorgeous view, even with the doors closed.
We have also scraped the paint off the bathroom window and I had fun making a ruffled curtain for it.
We have cleaned out our many boxes from the sleep out and have made one half my Creations Station & the other half will be our guest room. ( lol not finished that bit yet, guests have been sleeping on the fold out bed in the lounge room). but it has been very cosy! At least this way they will have a choice as to where they would like to sleep lol.
Ooh we went to the Ipswich show ground Market today and picked up this great little cupboard, $20.
 A bit of putty, a sanding and a splash of white paint,
& it fits in nicely, a little extra bench and cupboard space, loving that!
Um what else..Oh yea we have been enjoying walks around the yard with our morning coffee and have come across some treasures, a compost bin, sweet Will be using that for sure! ( this tank fills from the sheds, not sure how to get the water out of it, but I am sure we will work it out lol)
The remnants of the last tenants tomato plantations..will get these healthy again. out the back here looks like a good spot to stat our veg patch. Will get that sorted soon.
Our lovely Banana trees, will get these tidied up and hope for the best..
We found some Mint, it has decided the path is better than the garden so i am going to pull it out and pop it into a jar, until we have the garden ready ( going to dig and re-soil)
We have also got some strawberries we picked up at the local market, we are on our way to our very own real in the ground veg patch yay.
Well that's it from me today, i am off to cook some tea xx
I Will leave you with a photo ( sorry not the best shot but wanted to share) our glorious sun set tonight.
                                                           Until next Adventure
                                                                   Take Care

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