Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cottage Bedroom "getting there"

Hello my lovelies,
Just a quick one again ( Or visitors are cooking tea yay ) Just wanted to keep ya up to date on the cottage going ons :)
OK we now have a bedroom . This is looking in the door from the lounge room ( and there is the waiting room and the toilet room) there is 2 ways into the toilet,, either from the bedroom or the veranda.
And the bed lol..i didn't get a b4 photo of this but it was black with dark timber ends. I love the look of it white :)
Again the bed, I am loving the high ceilings. We are going to paint the bedroom cream, I think it will show up the white furniture nicely. The mirror was already there and it is kind of glued and screwed to the wall so it might stay??
looking from my side of the bed out into the "waiting room" toilet and door to the veranda.

OK ,so see that wardrobe in the bedroom, Well this was it before we cleaned it up and painted it..Looks so much better now hay :)

Oh and this Tall boy...

This is the before.
OK that's me over n out
Until next Adventure
Take Care

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