Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Little Chair Re-vamp at Avondale cottage.

Hi all,
Hope yas are all well and happy xx
I am just popping in quick tonight to show you the end result of that chair make over, Remember this one from yesterday?
Well here it is finished, along with its little friend ( lol I found some bright pink spray paint in our stash so thought I would go for bright n cheery look.) I have another chair like this, its in the creation station and is painted white to go with my sewing desk ; ) will show ya that one later xx
This is another chair we have found around the yard, Hubby as claimed this one as his, but as you can see it was in need of a little cushion recover,
Here it is all plumped up and rosy ( hubby not to happy with the color choice, but hay, its the only fabric I had enough of at the minute so he will just have to live with it). Its pastel pink with little white dots and lemon rose buds, I think its sweet ; )
Ooh I also found some plastic chairs tossed out the back, so I cleaned them up and made cushions for them too, they will do out on the front veranda until I get my dreamy cane chairs lol. I also scavenged around in hubbies shed ( lol He gets annoyed when I do that, he says it always means more work for him ) He helped me make this coffee table out of scraps he didn't need, so we have a nice little spot to site and watch the sun go down..Gotta love that.
Well my lovelies, that's it from me today
I better get to creating some stuff for the markets.
We have two (new to us) this weekend
Until next Adventure
Take Care

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