Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A little on life here at Avondale Cottage xx

Hi all,
Hope yas are all Well and Happy xx
We are doing really well here at this shabby old cottage.
We have a new addition to the cottage clan, a Budgie.. We have named him "Storm".
lol He is a bit of a poser,He also Loves to torment Pipin.
This is one of our many night creatures. I think it is a geko?, I have not seen one this color or with a tail like this one before, nun-the-less, it is quite cute and friendly
Oh we have done a little gardening, the cottage garden is starting to take shape.
This is our little parking area up from the drive way. WELCOME to Avondale Cottage!
We have cut back some bushes and found Star jasmine hugging the fence near the gate.
Weeded, plucked and pulled ugly plants in this garden & planted some lavender & daisies, once established they will sit pretty among the geranium that was already in there.
No garden,whether it be a Motor home, Caravan or Cottage garden should be without a PINK FLAMINGO
( & I have one, "Thank you" to my beautiful Sister xxx)
A sweet little Cottage Garden in the making : )
The star Jasmine smells so sweet, I have trimmed some off and shoved in vases around the cottage.
on the fence along side it is a passion fruit vine, it was over grown and dying, so we cut it back. We have been rewarded with a few flowers, Gotta be happy with that, I know I am : )

On another fence we have a grape vine, again we took to it with the trusty  snipers and Yep you guessed it we have Grapes starting "Yay".
Looking over the fence from the parking area, we have a bright pink bougainvillea.
Looking back towards the cottage and gardens to the side door and creation station.
Quilts on the line,water in the tanks & Frilly curtains in a cottage window. Life is grand : )
Out the back I have Mums rose and one that Jim won me at a market at Aberdeen, they wont stay here long as i am going to re pot Mums rose and plant the other one in the front garden.
More gardening and I have potted up some of the geraniums we have cut back. I think they are looking pretty sweet sitting here with my gum boots.
Time for lunch....( toasted.. ham, cheese & tomato sandwiches with lots of Ma's pickles & a pot of tea please) Thank you to my wonderful sister for her home made pickles, they are Yum!
OK back to work..I found some white paint..( lol like I need to FIND it here,,, hahaha we always have white paint) Anyways we have our gardening stuff in this old basket n I thought it needed a little lift.
I think it looks heaps fresher. Oh and love our sign..Thank you to My lovely sister who hand made it for us xxx
We found some old rusty out door chairs ( normally I would have left them, but hubby got to them first with some primer) so i have chosen a soft minty green to freshen them up and I am going to make seat cushions out of this fabric.
This is the seat, paint and fabric Before shot..But you will have to wait for the paint to dry and me to make the cushion, before you see the after.( Maybe just until tomorrow lol)..
I have been out into the garden and trimmed some roses and jasmine, so I thought I would share with you xx
This Little bird I picked up from our opening tour of the new hard wear and home makers store "Masters"
These white ones look & smell so sweet and look great held up by this little cherub.
I have some on my dressing table as well, with a few of the red ones sprinkled in.
This one is off the rose Jim won me at the market,( Thanks mammie for looking after it for me xx) I have it in the bathroom on the windowsill with my ruffle curtain. ( some of my faves,, ruffles n roses Loving it!)
Mums rose ( It is very healthy thanks to a sister of mine who looked after it for me)  But needed re potting,so as I was doing that I snipped off these two lovely roses, They are now sistting and smelly pretty in the dining room.
OK my Lovelies, That's it for me tonight.
I am off to hit the hay, Big day tomorrow
Pottering around in this Shabby old Cottage.
So until next Adventure
Take Care

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  1. hi kris,
    thanx for the comments you left on my blog :)
    i love the makeover of the chairs ,they look great . your little gecko is gorgeous ,we get them here to . your cottage is looking wonderful .
    mel xxoo