Saturday, November 12, 2011

Me and a bit of everything.

Howdy there,
I have been a little down and (out of it) of late, getting older, feeling lots older than I am ( another birthday looming), feeling lost and not in control.
I needed to step back from it all and realize,, I have it all, a wonderful Husband, a loving and totally awesome family and a sweet ( but shabby ) Cottage, Oh and not to forget my little crafting outlet Candy Rose Creations and doing Markets.
We all have our ups and downs, trials n tribulations, and usually I can go with the flow BUT My bubble of the perfect cottage country life had been abruptly popped and totally shattered , and this is why,, we have a few mice living with us and then there is the scare out these parts with lots of eastern brown snakes and lots of people getting bitten and even one poor woman passing away from a snake bite last week, one of the more important worries of mine was that my baby ( Even at 18 he is still my baby xx ) had to go into surgery and have his pace maker and leads replaced, in between all this we have been travelling 8 hours each way to doc appoints for hubby ( A good point here is that I get to see all my sisters and pick some of our stuff up from our container, we have it stored there)
 But I felt totally overcome by anxiety, I couldn't breath at times, I couldn't think straight, walking around in circles getting half of everything done and nothing fully finished...IT had to stop, I have to get back on track, there is no reason someone should feel like this.
OK I am rambling now, So I will just get on with the story.
On one of our resent visits to my sisters, my niece was playing around with my iPhone and took a few photo's of me ( I don't have many Photo's of me, as I think I am too wrinkly and to,, well you know, who would want a photo of me anyway)....Well our Emily takes a good photo, a budding little photographer.
Anyways I have decided that I Will celebrate life, I have been reading a book I have had for years, but have only just found it again unpacking some stuff from the container we bought back on our last trip ( funny how things come to use when we most need them).
This book is, YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE, by Louise L. Hay.
So, I am saying my affirmations, the one for Anxiety is: I love and approve of myself, and I trust the process of life. I am safe.
OK so here I am, I will start with this one ( its my most favourite)
My Feet, ( My Nephews partner designed and did my tattoo a couple of months ago, and I love it, thank you Camille xx)
Me in my sisters garden,
Lazing in the sunshine and the daisies.
and then I got brave, I took this one back at the cottage my self, my sisters bought me this house dress and I wanted to send them a photo of me in it, Love you girls, Thank you xxx
I do love iphones lol. ( and I am learning to like mirrors too {'-'} )
OK that's enough of me xx.
Now onto the cottage and our mice problem. I have been doing a little research on getting rid of mice naturally, as we have our little pipin dog, not to mention all the other wild life around here we like, so didn't want to be putting poison around,,,I have read that mice do not like the smell of peppermint oil, so I have soaked cotton wool in it and put it around the cottage, apart from the cottage smelling like a candy cane I don't think it is working, still there is mice getting in. I have also stuffed steel wool scrubber things into any holes I can find
and sprinkled black pepper along skirting boards ( also been told they don't like that?) well we haven't had as many but they are still getting in and running around. We have bought a few sticky traps and have caught a few on them so I will just keep trying and let you know how we are getting on.
These lovely flowers are out of our cottage garden.
I love having fresh flowers around , little pops of colour, so sweet to look at, Brightens up my day.
Another thing that has totally Brightened my day, "My life", is my Baby boy. ( surgery was a success and is all over, I can breath again!)
Here he is just before going into surgery, so brave, (So very proud of you my son xxx)
and here an hour after surgery, (The whole proses took 5 hours).Pacer and Leads replaced, My little trooper xx
So with our Beautiful boy on the mend, we had yet another 8 hour trip for hubbies Docs. I got to see my wonderful sisters for a few hours, and one of my sisters cats have had kittens, Pip had love in his eyes from the start,( My brother in law said; Cat = Mice problem solved) mmm???
This one little kitten kept snuggling up to Pip, and Pip kept singling it out, nudging it to one side.
Ooh OK Pip, yes you can have that Kittie when it is ready to leave its mummy, Well ,,look at them,, could you resist?
So now its an 8 hour drive home ( well,, um took us 12 , we had a little sleep in the car, it was all to much to do in  24 hours)..
Now we are back home at the cottage, rested n a little relaxed after a long couple of days.
what else do you do on a Saturday morning when you don't have markets to do.... Garage sales..Yay..
We found some great treasures too..
The cream cupboard will go into the dining room, the desk into the creation station, the dressing table into the bedroom, the cane coffee table out on the front veranda ( my friend up the road, Michelle is giving me 2 cane chairs for out there as well, so we can sit out n have cuppa chats xxxx), Um the little stool is for the bathroom, and yes lol, will all be painted white!.

A few little bits
The dressing table mirror is winged ( is that what they say?) anyways it is lovely all together, I don't think the lady we bought it off was overly impressed that I am going to paint it white, but hay , that's just what I do lol..
The coffee table is the sweetest green, so it will be staying that way, but I will paint the black top white to match the cane chairs.

Could not resist this little number for a bargain price of $10.. a little scrub and a few new handles n into the dining room ( It will get a paint a little later, I was a little impatient)
I needed a place to put my growing number of treasures we are picking up from our storage container.
In and filled and looking ,,not to bad, (Hope to get this room painted soon.)
It sort of matches the hutch on the other side of the dining room, lol I have just realized this room was furnished for $22 + a few free finds.
Well then, there you have it,I know I have rambled and been totally random at times in this post,
Thanks so much for listening, I felt I just needed to get it all out, and now I have I am feeling a lot better already, I just have to keep positive and remember "I do have a wonderful life",
with lots of "wonderful people in it'"
All is well in my world.
Until next adventure
Take Care


  1. Sounds like you are gonna be just fine and remember ...nothing is predestined, the obsticals of your past become the gateways to new beginnings....and if it all comes down again you are only a phone call, blog, email or snail mail away.. love you sis

  2. Hi Kris ,
    sorry to hear u have been feeling down,life has a way of catching us off guard at times , making us feel not so in control .
    its great you saw the need to take a step back and see the good things and not let it totally overwhelm you .
    glad you are feeling back on top and things went and are going well again .
    weve had a few snakes lately also ,in fact rod just got a big brown in the house yard yesterday so i can relate to your worry of snakes.
    thanx for sharing your ups and downs ,as always you are an inspiration .
    ohh and btw you look FANTASTIC .
    take care
    mel xo