Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Blooming Beautiful Day xox Avondale Cottage living.

Warning, lots of photo's to catch up with!
Hello, Hope I am finding you all well and happy.
I haven't been on here for a while, so I thought it would be nice to take the time and catch you all up on whats been going on around this shabby little cottage.
The rain finally fell last night , after 24 rainless days I know that doesn't sound like much but with temps sitting in the 30's our water tank and gardens where getting thirsty.
Mums rose is in its glory, she is producing the frilliest rose I have ever seen on it and the sweet scent is lovely when we are sitting out on the front porch.
There she is sitting pretty in the corner. This is our favourite morning cuppa spot.
I was given the cane chairs and little cane coffee table and the middle coffee table with the green legs was from that garage sale I went to last month.
I am not sure on what exactly this little wire,timber and pressed metal number is used for,  I am just going to let its beauty speak for itself.
Sitting on the front porch step enjoying the view, (lol I like the off the porch view just as much as I like the on the porch view)
I Love my little cherubs, I think I may have started a collection. :)
Here is another one along side that sweet magazine rack ( On account that we do not drink wine, Yes it is a magazine rack lol)
Into the Cottage now, I want to show you some of my favourite things about our sweet but shabby little cottage, at the front door is a coat rack, ( $5 at a garage sale) I hang a few bags and some over sized rusty keys on it. Loving the colour of this and the numbers above the hooks. ( Just a little note,,,I have scrubbed the walls to within an inch of their lives, hope to paint this room soon)
Loving my little plant stand cart thingo, Its to cute to be outside and its the perfect place to put a quilt on ( in reach for those chilly nights)
In the other corner I have this little stand with books and quilts and the most important things like maracas n stuff.
oh more favourites "Roses from my garden"
Yes lol I am still going, I prob should have broken this up over a few post's, but I have so much more to show and tell after this lot, so here we go more about the cottage,
I am yet to hang this mirror, I am not sure where to put it yet, but its still looking sweet just leaning here.
The bedroom had a splash of paint on one wall ( after we did the dining room & then we ran out) So this will be painted all cream soon.
That garage sale find dressing table all shabbied up,
My dream cottage bedroom is coming together :-)
Yay the dining room is painted, we do need to do another coat but its looking much cosier already.
The fresh roses from my cottage garden fill the dining room with a sweet smell.
The kitchen is coming along nicely lol we have a ladder now so when we get more paint we can finish the walls.
Mixed matches cabinets are filling the space and giving us much needed storage.
More roses lol
This area is our next project, we would like to restore it ( but being a rental we are just going to slowly scrub and freshen it up) we do use this gas for the kettle as the electric jug takes a lot of power Oh and i like the sound of the whistle ( Real cottage like )
When we moved in there was soot from floor to ceiling and everywhere in between and it is hard to scrub off it just seems to smudge, anyway a little at a time we are getting through it. Hubby made a veg cupboard for spuds n onions and the little pot on top is where we put scraps for the compost bin
This little shelf is also beyond repair so dear hubby is going to make another to fit, just for cuppa making necessities and tea towels
the coffee jars have come in handy & I love that I can see where everything is ( no need to dig in cupboards)
Another project is to get rid of this rotting back splash and stick a few tiles there, one day!
I am so loving our real cottage living.
Oh I have also moved around and played in the laundry.
I love the old concrete tub.
It is amazing what I dragged around the country side with me hehe, but I think they have also finally found a home.
I was going to paint this shelf, but after putting my soakers in these glass jars up there, I am so going to leave it rusty.
The washing is never a chore in my shabby cottage laundry.
Well my lovelies that's ya blooming lot from me today I hope you have enjoyed the tour of our little shabby ( rented) cottage. We sure do Love living here.

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Until next adventure

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