Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's raining cats and dogs at our country cottage.

We have had a busy time over Christmas and new year
And then the heat wave, lots of visitors,the grand kids visiting for 6 days and the snakes visiting ( even to the point one was climbing the kitchen window screen ,yikes!!)
So now onto this post topic, yep raining cats n dogs, well kittens and puppy to be precise
 Here we have Pepper (stripe), Possom (grey)and Puddin ( black)
Possom and Puddin are from a litter that a lady was getting rid of and gave us these 2, free to good home.
Pepper is from my sister Pam's cats litter, its a bob tail and was brought up with puppy Dolly, so is great with the dogs,this is the cat Pip picked out when they where a couple of days old, and as you can see they are the best of mates.
 well lol, all of the kittens are loving Pip and Pip is loving them :)
 Now we come to our newest little girl Coconut, Coco for short, she is a Kelpie x Staffy about 10 weeks old,she is a rescue puppy and I think she had a sad little start to life.
she came to us riddled in fleas and worms and has a bad skin condition, very itchy, red and sore.
She seems so much happier now we have wormed her and gave her a bath and spray in a wonderful new natural product we have found here in qld, Neem tree extract. We got the spray and it seems to be doing wonders for her itch.
 here she is all snuggled up to ted for a little nap, she has a sweet nature, not to sure of us big humans just yet but loves the kittens, Pip is a little grumpy with her taking his toys, but he is getting there lol a little jealousy I think.
Well that's it from me, I just thought I would pop in and let you know what we have been up to
xxx xxx
until next adventure
Take care
Kris xxx


  1. Hi -- I found your blog through another blog (can't remember it exactly, but think it was something to do with Sisters on the Fly?) and just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying your writings and photos. I do hope you'll find time this year to update often. Love, R xxx

    1. Hi R, Thank you for your kind words, Its nice to know there is someone out there reading my little blog. I love sharing my writings and photos and do plan to update more often, thanks again for popping in. Kris xxx