Saturday, January 28, 2012

Little hand made rag rugs in a bathroom on a rainy day.

Hi, Hope your week and weekend has been terrific, ours has been wet. I do like the rain, but I wanted to paint the bathroom and in this wet its just not feasible.
So what do you do on a rainy day when you cant paint but want a change.
Well I changed the colors of the accessories in the bathroom and made 2 little rag rugs to match :)
I have a white shower curtain, but that was getting a little mouldy around the edges and needed a good soak. I also have a lot of red in the bathroom and had red mats in here, they also needed a good wash. I found a green shower curtain in my stash and went to work shopping the cottage for other green items to blend it all together.
I have always wanted to make a rag rug and this seemed like the perfect time to learn to make them, as we had no markets today because of the wet weather.
 The first one I braided and hand sewed together ( The one at the back of the photo), the second one ( at the front of the photo) I used a proses they call the toothbrush rag rug as they use a tooth brush for a hooking tool. I just used my fingers.
Must say I would probably not do a braided one again, I am not a big fan of hand sewing, But the second rug I made I am hooked on this style ( also known as the Amish rag rug)
I shopped the cottage for a few little bits n bobs to make the bathroom feel a little made over, really cant wait till we paint in here :)
I found a shell to make a soap holder and some lovely olive soap that just happened to be green lol
another shell found on one of our lazy walks along a beach some where on our travels and a cute succulent from out the back, sitting pretty on the window sill.
Fresh white and green towels rolled in a wicker basket and a wash cloth I had crochet a while back added more green touches.
More shells, I felt in this wet weather I need a little sunshine and nothing is better than some shells to remind me of sunshiny day on a sandy beach.
Some more Olive soap a wooden brush and some white hand towels rolled up and popped into a weaved basket ( ooh la la a would be Spa lol )
All sitting nicely on a shelf in the bathroom, and in easy reach for a relaxed bath. ( the only thing I need to get to complete my beach Cottage Spa theme is a few candles, I know I have some around here somewhere lol )
More hand towels , face washers and soaps + another succulent plant in a recycled jar.
( Ooh before I go any further I need to tell you something very exciting, Well, I couldn't get the label glue off the Jar , it was tacky and stuck fast. I tried every thing I knew and it wouldn't budge.. So I googled and well, you would not believe what got it off===== peanut butter,, Yep I just smoothed some over the glue bits and rubbed like they said and off it came, as easy as that! amazing Yes?)
I am quite proud of my little Amish rag rug, Its made from an old sheet.
While its not magazine worthy or probably not even blog worthy, that's how I spent my rainy Saturday.
On a couple of little rag rugs and a mini bathroom make over. Now all I need is a dry day to paint.
If you would like to make a rag rug, I have found the best tutorial for the toothbrush rugs Here at rag rug cafe
                                             happy rag rugging and thanks for popping in
                                              I am off to make a rag rug for the kitchen
                                                             Until next adventure
                                                                     Take care

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