Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Road testing a cheap packet cake mix on a rainy day at this shabby old cottage

Hi all, I hope your week is going well for you xx it was a lovely morning here in the Scenic Rim area of the great south east (Queensland).I love rainy stay at home days :) The smell of the country on a wet day is amazing. The garden is also getting a good soak.

I also love the fact that our water tanks are getting filled.

Anyways onto the topic at hand,
 I have been thinking about doing a few road testing of packet mixes, both sweet and savoury, something about the ease of knowing there are a few in the cupboard for these some times weeks when it is best to stay off the roads ( we are not even able to get to our local country store today, due to road flooding)
But some times I just like to be a little lazy and mix up a packet cake. So I thought I would share some easy and cheap ones with you :)
Today's is a Vanilla sponge cake mix I picked up from Aldi for the great price of $0.79c yep,, under a dollar.

It takes 2 eggs, 2/3 cup of milk and 3tbls of butter or marg

 Give it a good whizz for 3 mins,
And pour into cake tin and into the oven for 40 - 45 mins ( lol same as many cake making processes I know, but felt it needed words to go with pics hehe)
OK so while that's baking I got the washing done and hung out, glad I have a nice line under the front porch :) Oh I also road tested the aldi washing powder, usually I make my own, but once again I am feeling a little lazy and thought for the price I would give it a go. Its not to bad at all, I would definitely use it for a back up.
Now time to get that cake out of the oven, I think I may have over cooked it a little, still learning electric oven timing. One thing I do miss from our motor home living days is the gas, both oven and hot water, we have actually been turning our electric hot water system off of a night to try and keep our electricity bills down a little ( another thing I miss about our gypsy life is free camping on solar and gas,, oh well cant have it all, Its time now for us to live our dream in the country in this shabby old cottage)

while that is cooling I have time to go out and check on our little tomato plants, Hubby has become quite the green finger and we are trying to live as green and frugal as possible ( lol I know buying packet cake mixes is not all that frugal but, hay , I am having a lazy moment lol)
Looking good but not ready yet.While waiting for our little crops of tomato to ripen we have been supporting our local farmers road side stalls, love buying local.
Well here we are, I will give this cake an 8 out of 10, it was simple and is moist and light, and the Hubby must like it as this is how I found it when I came back in from the garden, he said it was delicious when still warm with a dob of butter.
Hope you have enjoyed my little road test,
I like the idea of having a pack of this in the cupboard for a quick morning tea cake.
working from home has its peerks lol
OOh ,I have been busy with Candy Rose Creations & making some easy wear skirts come on over and have a look HERE
Well my lovelies, that's it from me today,
Until next adventure
Take Care

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