Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cottage Life = snakes

Hi all, Hope you are all doing well xxI have been,, mmm,, for the most part, doing well, pottering around the cottage, feeding the chooks and keeping busy with a few creations. It was due to one of these Creations that I decided I needed some timber bits, so grabbing hubby, asked if he could cut me some lengths of timber for some signs I had in mind, we toddled over to the shed,,,, standing there looking at the timber and discussing what lengths I wanted "and it happened".
I heard the tin on the floor rattle and looked down and there it was , a snake''' by this time it was already on my foot and curling around my leg, well did I think ,("snake" so stand still!) ,NO,, I jumped, flicked, jumped some more, all the while hubby screaming at me to stand still, sorry mate nah ah not going to happen I am outta here.
I came flying over to the cottage and the safety of inside and was just standing flicking my arms and eww ewwing when hubby walked in and asked if I had been bitten,, Um no I don't think so I cant feel any bites??????? he said sit down I will make you a cuppa, so I sat , he made the cuppas and then said let me look at your legs and, well then he said, here wrap this around that leg and we will go to the docs, I looked down and seen 2 little marks on my ankle still not feeling anything ( the nurse said this could have been due to the shock ) wrapped it sort of tight and went to the docs
By now I was a little numb I think, not from the bite but more like shock, as we raced our way to the docs a 15 min drive hubby kept saying let me know if you feel any different and I was just sitting calmly not really thinking about anything ( I don't think, I really cant remember what I was thinking about) anyways we get to docs, he comes out looks, tourniquets and sent us on our way to the hospital saying that he will ring them and let them know we are coming ( another 15 minute drive). I was still feeling no diff, yea my heart rate was up a little but other wise fine. we got to the hospital and they where great, I was into emergency and put on all sorts of machines and blood taken within minutes of arriving, questions where asked and I was settled into a bed. we had to wait an hour for the first lot of blood tests to come back, they came back clear , but  I still had to stay in over night and have blood taken every four hours to make sure my blood was not clotting, within the over night stay I asked doctors and nurses about snake bites and how many they have in , Ipswich Hospital has on average 2 snake bite victims in a week. I also learnt that if lucky some venomous snakes will issue a dry bite ( no venom injected). I am one of the lucky ones that happened to, there is no way of knowing this until blood is assessed , so if you ever do get bitten by a snake please seek medical assistance right away. I plan never to come into contact with another snake and am so grateful for getting out of this one safe and well.
So there you have it, and while getting back into creating I have been working on some signs, ( yes lol after all that hubby went back into the shed and cut me some timber xxxxxx)
I thought this one was appropriate under the circumstances lol
This one is still in the works, but ya know I do love me some vintage and caravans :-)
A few I have finished
I am sooo a Cup Cake Queen
Some little country fresh ones and of course a Candy Rose Creations sign.
Well that's a few of the signs I have been keeping myself busy ( and in doorsssssss) painting
We finally went and picked up our motor home "Wanago" here she is backing up the drive way.
And here she is all snug as a bug in her new home ,well until we sell her :( a little sad about that, but am also very excited as we are going to buy a little pop up camper trailer and a tinny to do a few short travels in,,, whoo whoo to us Hip Chic Gypsies getting back on the road ;-)
Here is that Little snake bite again, ( sorry for the hairy legs lol)  its been a week now and its healing well... I do not plan on going back into the shed anytime soon and I always wear my gumboots when I venture out into the yard,, thats it from me xx tootles.
Until next adventure
Take care


  1. Hi Kris,
    Its great to see you have Wannago home ,,
    aw please dont forget to wear your gumboots ox
    take care,love you ox
    lots of love from Mammie & Rof oxoxox

  2. Love all your new signs ox keep them coming ox

  3. Nah Mammie, I have a pair of gumboots at each door way and I wear them anytime I am pottering around the yard XXXX