Friday, February 10, 2012

The girls r in d house ( yay we got chickens)

Well Hello, Hope you are all doing well.
Just a quick one tonight , I have some exciting news I wanted to share (well lol, I am excited)
Not only have I got an excuse to wear my polkadotty gumbies, but we have chooks yay
You may remember seeing the chicken house that was here when we moved in, well we haven't done much to it, we cleared a good run area and fenced half the yard off just to get the girls used to being here first, as they grow and are settled we will open up the rest of the run for them.
Their little hen house is warm , dry and safe for now , but I have some little prettying it up plans
in mind for later.
We bought the chickens off a friend of ours that is going out of the selling them business and wanted to sell off what she had quick, so it was sort of a rush job getting the area sorted.
Hubby made a little nesting box and there is a perch in the corner for them
They look happy enough and we can lock them in of a night.
They are still young so we have a few weeks before they start laying.
Pip had a bit of a snoop around and chased the kittens away when they got a little curious, but other than that we are all settling into our new life together nicely.
I love just sitting watching them cluck and peck around, this could be yet another one of my sitting spots lol
The view from the porch is sweet as well. The girls all safe and happy.
Well with that done its time to go into the cottage and go through all my recipe to see what I can cook up with all the farm fresh eggs we are going to enjoy.
Until next adventure
Take care

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